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Equipped with a step-by-step wizard and no third party, you’re in control

IRIS Elements Company Formations allows you to quickly form a company with Companies House. Once formed, you can manage the ongoing secretarial duties with the IRIS Elements Company Secretarial module.

Key features

  • Simple

    A step-by-step wizard to form companies (limited by shares).

  • Integration

    Your newly formed company will be visible in client management, IRIS Elements Company Secretarial (coming soon), and IRIS Elements AML, allowing you to seamlessly manage your workflow.

  • Companies House

    Receive responses and the Incorporation Certificate directly from Companies House.

Company formations


From as little as £5.70 per formation*

No of formations Price Equivalent price per formation
1 £9 £9.00
10 £70 £7.00
25 £170 £6.80
50 £320 £6.40
75 £450 £6.00
100 £570 £5.70

*IRIS Elements fee payable by prepaid tokens when needed, no upfront costs. Tokens are valid for 12 months. Companies House fees of £10 are paid directly.

Why choose IRIS Elements Company Formations software?

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    Easy to use

    The wizard capability takes you step by step through the formation & registration of a company.

  • Workflows


    The company is recorded as a client in the main Elements client database and can be passed to Company Secretarial for ongoing secretarial duties, a single source of the truth.

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    Cost Efficient

    Eliminates need for formation agent costs and puts you in control.

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IRIS Elements Company Formations

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Company Formations hands over a newly formed company to Client management in the platform as well as to Company Secretarial and AML products. This enables the seamless addition of the next steps for the entity into the workflow.

By doing the work yourself within the Elements platform there is no need to pay for additional software with a separate login. Keeping everything in one place saves costs, allows you more control, triggers work requirements in other products and ensures you have everything in one place.

Support for limited liability partnerships (LLPs) will be available soon. In the meantime, we have a number of the most popular formations available today.