IRIS Cascade HRi – All-in-one HR and payroll software

Are you getting the most out of IRIS Cascade?

IRIS Cascade HRi is the flexible solution covering everything from core HR functionality with integrated payroll, recruitment, training and talent management.

There has never been a better time to migrate to the cloud with IRIS Cascade!


With IRIS Cascade Cloud, our mission is to provide you and your employees with the best experience possible.

IRIS Cascade Cloud is:

  • Always on

99.9% uptime and no time lost due to updates as we conduct all of our system upgrades out of working hours

  • Always up

to date monthly upgrades ensure you always have the latest features, keeping you at the forefront of HR

  • Always available

the cloud functionality enables you to access the software from anywhere via an internet connection: home, office, coffee shop, train or even the beach

  • Always secure

your IT team can manage login accounts and add a memorable word for an extra layer of security

Thanks to the exciting roadmap of new features, enhanced security and added flexibility, there has never been a better time to move to the cloud.

cascade cloud | IRIS Cascade Cloud

Significant new developments

At IRIS, we never stop innovating, continually improving the functionality of IRIS Cascade.

In recent times we’ve added:

screens mockup 1024x812.png 1 | IRIS Cascade Cloud

New UI

A new user interface is currently being rolled out to customers, providing a more intuitive and customisable service.

Mobile App

Utilise the enhanced My Cascade mobile app that allows team members to access their profiles and make requests wherever they are.

Managers can also approve requests on the go via the app, enabling greater productivity.

IRISCascade Mobile3.png | IRIS Cascade Cloud

API-based integration

Provide access to data in a modern way so your business can use information more effectively and integrate the software seamlessly into your existing tech landscape.

IRIS Cascade also offers connectors to other products via a partner marketplace, further extending its reach and capabilities.

IRIS Cascade Cloud customers also benefit from our industry-leading software infrastructure:

  • Your data is exclusively held in the private, UK-based IRIS infrastructure via our hosting partner Rackspace
  • We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, with the most recent assessment valid until 2022
  • Data Security is fundamental to our infrastructure, and in line with our ISO certification, we conduct regular Pen Tests, utilise a robust incident management process, regularly review system access and undertake employee background screenings
  • System monitoring is in place to minimise unplanned downtime
  • The IRIS tech teams are certified against the latest cloud technologies and quality assurance practices