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The type of practice management software you need really depends on the size of your practice, the needs of your clients and your portfolio of services. At IRIS, we have decades of experience helping accountants and bookkeepers manage their practices with our software.

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What is Practice Management Software?

Accountancy Practice Management Software helps accountants and bookkeepers run an effective practice by organising and automating the work flowing through their practice.

These applications can be of the traditional ‘desktop’ type, where you install the practice management software directly on your firm’s systems. But applications can also exist online in the cloud, making them accessible from any device, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Practice Management Software Feature Key

Use the feature key below to help you choose the best practice management software for your firm. The feature icons are used on our products to help you find what you’re looking for at a glance.

Small Business

Smaller Firms 

Ideal for small to medium-sized accountancy practices. practice management software with this icon on it will have features helpful to smaller firms.

Large Business

Larger Firms 

Practice Management Software built with larger accountancy firms in mind. Able to handle more complex requirements and capabilities. 



Cloud software allows users to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Ideal for remote workers and employees who work from various locations.



Having software that can easily integrate with your other systems increases efficiencies. Share data across systems and save valuable time and money.



Scalable software gives you the ability to add or remove features as and when you need them. These features can be added in the form of modules (add-ons).



Customise your software with helpful add-ons (modules). Quickly plug-in additional functionality when your accountancy practice needs it and remove them when it doesn’t.


Choose from a wide range of practice management software for accountancy firms of all sizes. Select a product below to find out more details, or for more information please get in touch and one of our practice management product experts will be more than happy to help.

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Learn More About Accountancy Practice Management Software

If you’re not quite sure which type of software you need for your accountancy practice you can find out more information below. We cover everything you need to know from practice management software for various business sizes down to cloud-based software and more.

If you still have any questions please get in touch with our team.

  • Types of Software for Accountancy Practice Management

    Efficiency is everything – it’s the same whether you’re a big accountancy firm, smaller practice or a single bookkeeper. Without it, you lose the balance between developing new business and looking after existing clients.

    But how you unlock these efficiencies depends on the size of your business. Most practice management software packages are for small firms, bookkeepers and medium-sized businesses. More specialised software has to be developed for larger companies.

  • Traditional Software vs Cloud Practice Management Software

    The main difference you’ll find between cloud practice management software and its traditional counterpart is how it is accessed.

    Traditional practice management software (i.e. “desktop” software) is installed on individual computers, which means it can only be used on those devices.

    It doesn’t rely on an internet connection, so it is only restricted by the performance of your device. However, data is often only shared through email or USB sticks, which can cause security issues. Traditional software is siloed in that it can’t be integrated with other data that relates to the business and requires manual updates.

    On the other hand, cloud practice management software is based online, and it can be accessed by any device from anywhere with an internet connection.

    • it can be highly secured
    • information can be transferred quickly and easily when needed
    • it can automatically be kept up to date with the latest version

    It also integrates easily with other cloud applications, saving you even more time.

  • Smaller Practices and Bookkeepers

    If you’re running a smaller practice or just starting out, then you’ll want something that can help automate tasks and manage client compliance – and if you have big ambitions, you’ll want software that can scale. 

    Cloud-based systems are fast becoming the choice of firms of all sizes, so they will suit your smaller company. Cloud technology is easier to get to grips with, is less expensive and more flexible in terms of adding clients, staff and new features as you grow. It also enables remote and hybrid working, providing a single source of truth for staff working whenever and wherever suits them. 

    Our practice management software for smaller practices and bookkeepers does all of the above. Find out more about IRIS Elements Practice Management and book a free demo.

  • Small to Medium Firms

    There’s no exact science, but when your practice has around 10 to 20 clients, you may consider yourself a small-to-medium-size practice. 

    At that point, your clients may have more complex needs, and keeping track of all your client comms can be a challenge with multiple staff teams. 

    You need software with an established CRM designed for accountants and bookkeepers. One that manages clients more effectively and seamlessly connects with major third-party apps such as KashFlow, Xero, QuickBooks and more.

    IRIS Practice Management is a truly integrated suite built on a centralised database. Ensuring a reduction in wasted time and errors, and helping save our customers 22 hours per staff member, per month, on average.

  • Larger Practices

    Larger accountancy practices require even greater increases in efficiency and visibility of the business. They want a system that can help them grow, prevent critical issues and improve business reporting.

    IRIS Practice Engine is designed to improve efficiencies and business decision making.

    Find out how your practice can better compete with larger accountancy firms by using IRIS Practice Engine or browse all our practice management software for larger firms.

Looking for cloud-based practice management software?

IRIS Elements Practice Management is our latest cloud offering to help you increase productivity.

Find out more about this intuitive practice management tool with integrated email, text messaging, customisable workflows and an easy-to-configure CRM.

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