Game-changing financial software

  • Seamlessly compatible
  • Effortlessly scalable
  • Ultimately flexible
  • Stunningly simple
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Together we grow

Our intuitive financial software scales and grows with your organisation.
Whatever stage you are at in your growth plan, we understand that growth is only part of the
puzzle. IRIS Financials is designed to be effortlessly scalable and adaptable to fit around your
systems and processes, now and in the future.

Compatibility Commitment

IRIS Financials brings together all your existing processes and software. It doesn’t just dovetail with your current systems. We put compatibility at the center of everything we do. As a result, you get supremely flexible software that seamlessly integrates with IRIS products and third-party applications such as payroll, HR, asset management, CRM, eCommerce and stock management.

Because fast, scalable and easy-to-use systems are only transformative when they play nice with the rest of your software and your teams.

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Real-time decision making made easy

IRIS Financials is a unified ledger system. It harnesses the power of your data, synchronising, so
everyone views the same data in whatever format is most useful to them.

This makes entering data simple and sharing data a doddle. No duplication. No out of date
information. Just confidence in the information you and your team have at their fingertips to
make better business decisions.

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Unrivalled flexibility
& scalability

IRIS Financials is endlessly configurable. We start with what your organisation needs now and in the future. We don’t shoe-horn you into our systems and processes, we mould our solution to fit you. This is possible because of the built-in flexibility. So as you grow, IRIS Financials grows with you.

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With IRIS Financials, you can configure workflows to automate complex processes. Tasks that used to soak up your staff’s time are performed automatically.

Financial decisions and actions can be automated, with peace of mind that all actions are logged within the software, and full audit trails are available.

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Powerful reporting

A centralised data source, unlimited analysis possibilities and multiple user-defined fields add to unparalleled reporting capability. All enquiries and reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, emailed or exported to Excel. Full drill-down with no time consuming ledger transfers and reduced period end work, it frees time to discover the power of your data.

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See where we are already making a difference

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“The reporting capabilities means that we are now able to better track our stock movements and therefore look more closely at margins when monitoring efficiency.”

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Get a guided tour

If you have any questions or want to find out more about how IRIS Financials could benefit your
organisation, give us a call or complete the form, and we’ll give you a call back. We can arrange a
one-to-one product demo with one of our team so that you can get a feel for the system.

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