IRIS Appliance

Optimised hardware that supercharges IRIS Accountancy Suite for on premise customers

IRIS Appliance

Lean forward with IRIS IT

There is a bewildering range of servers available on the market today each with their own niche application profile. The IRIS Appliance perfectly balance server architecture with the IRIS Accountancy Suite delivering outstanding performance for your practice.

How the IRIS Appliance can help you

Moore’s Law observes that the speed and processing power of micro-chips double every couple of years. Whilst chips may get faster manufacturers need to match all the chips they use and regularly rearchitect their layout to deliver faster computers.

Matching the server specification and the software application can produce a far superior performance. The IRIS Appliance and IRIS Accountancy Suite come together to deliver:
  • Improved productivity with faster system performance levels.
  • Ability to manage a much larger client database.
  • Reduced Administration as IRIS provides updates and maintenance.
  • Integral backup and Disaster Recovery – all Data backed up to cloud.
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Specifically designed to run the IRIS Accountancy Suite – delivering 50% improvements in speed.

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Reduced local IT service costs – Services included with 24×7 support from IRIS.

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Greater resilience with all data backed up to the cloud providing disaster recovery.

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Economic efficiencies – no upfront cost.


  • Where is the IRIS Appliance installed?

    The IRIS Appliance is deployed on the customer site, but all data is backed up to the cloud.

  • Is my data safe and secure?

    All the data is backed up to our data centre with advanced security features. All connections are fully secure and encrypted, providing the highest levels of security, with protection against viruses, hackers and ransomware.

  • What's the different between the IRIS Appliance and a normal server

    The IRIS Appliance comes with a hosted service wrap so if it fails you will have continuity of service from the service offering.