IRIS HR Marketplace

Our marketplace of trusted partners provide HR and business applications that allow you to streamline even more processes, making HR even faster and easier. Take a look at our partner listings to discover which systems connect with IRIS Cascade – our fully-integrated HR and Payroll System.

DocuSign is the e-signature solution trusted by hundreds of millions of users

Take your business finances to the next level with our scalable cloud accounting software.

Circular Benefits: Employee Benefits, Simplified.

FairHQ: An all-in-one Diversity, Equity & Inclusion platform that measurably improves DEI and business performance for SMEs and Midsize companies.

Skills Base: Build a digital model of your teams’ skills

GFB: 360 Degree Feedback at its Best

Apprais’d: Successful businesses are built on performance, alignment and progression.

Reclaro: Objectives and Key Results Software, Streamlined and Simplified for Better Productivity.

Braxton: performance management software

Deputy: Scheduling, Timesheet and Time Clock Software

eloomi : Learning and development platform.

G-P: Global Made Possible

Hastee: Earnings on-demand

Hireful : Recruitment Technology

Linguaskin: Multilingual online applications

networx: recruitment software and recruitment service providers

Qlearsite: HR analytics, benchmarks & feedback software

Revolut: On Demand Pay Provider

Rotageek: AI driven scheduling and forecasting

SelenityExpenses : Expense Management Software

Trickle: Wellbeing & employee engagement

Workfinder: Talent Solutions Provider


IRIS has developed an interface between IRIS Cascade and 3rd party software that eliminates the need for manually importing/exporting common data between systems, which can often result in errors, inefficiency and duplication.

This dedicated API (application programming interface) allows you and 3rd party software vendors to integrate solutions with the wider IRIS HR product portfolio, enabling the applications to share data in both directions – inbound and outbound.

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