Empower your employees with On-Demand Pay

Allow your employees to instantly withdraw a portion of their accrued wages, and you’ll cultivate a happier workforce and attract great team members that stay on board longer.

With On-Demand Pay, you’ll offer a benefit that puts employee financial wellbeing first at no cost, with no changes to your payroll.

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Attract and retain the best talent

Get ahead of the competition by attracting and retaining the best talent to move your business forward.

  • 72% of employees want access to earnings before Payday
  • 40% less turnover1
  • 30% increase in e-NPS1

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Engage your people and care for their wellbeing

Businesses who make a commitment to employee financial wellness as an integral piece of their organisation’s total wellness culture reap long-term benefits to their organisation and promote a healthier work environment.

  • 57%2 say they would work harder and stay longer if offered on-demand pay
  • 1 employee in 2 says financial stress distracts them from work
  • 30% higher productivity1

On Demand Pay by Revolut is simple to integrate

Early wage access doesn’t have to be a distant reality. Revolut works for you to provide you a simple to access benefit to your people.

  • No extra cost
  • No extra processes
  • No changes to your books or payroll

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03 ValueProp | Revolut

1 Source: PwC 2017 Employee Financial Wellness Survey
2 Source: EY Employee Financial Wellbeing Survey, June 2020

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