Empower your employees with On-Demand Pay

Allow your employees to instantly withdraw a portion of their accrued wages, and you’ll cultivate a happier workforce and attract great team members that stay on board longer.

With On-Demand Pay, you’ll offer a benefit that puts employee financial wellbeing first at no cost, with no changes to your payroll.

Attract and retain the best talent

Get ahead of the competition by attracting and retaining the best talent to move your business forward.

  • 72% of employees want access to earnings before Payday
  • 40% less turnover1
  • 30% increase in e-NPS1

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Engage your people and care for their wellbeing

Businesses who make a commitment to employee financial wellness as an integral piece of their organisation’s total wellness culture reap long-term benefits to their organisation and promote a healthier work environment.

  • 57%2 say they would work harder and stay longer if offered on-demand pay
  • 1 employee in 2 says financial stress distracts them from work
  • 30% higher productivity1

On Demand Pay by Revolut is simple to integrate

Early wage access doesn’t have to be a distant reality. Revolut works for you to provide you a simple to access benefit to your people.

  • No extra cost
  • No extra processes
  • No changes to your books or payroll

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On Demand Webinar: How Can You Boost Your Employees’ Financial Freedom?

1 Source: PwC 2017 Employee Financial Wellness Survey
2 Source: EY Employee Financial Wellbeing Survey, June 2020

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