IRIS Financials for schools

With IRIS Financials you’ll benefit from a trusted, user-friendly financial management system that can support all of your requirements now, and adapt as you grow.

  • Get the data you need to make smarter financial decisions
  • Gain an accurate real-time view of financial information
  • Consolidate multiple ledgers onto a single sheet
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A trusted and user-friendly FMS that can grow with your school

Schools need to make the best use of their budget and show that it is making a positive difference. IRIS Financials School Edition is a user-friendly system that gives you all the data you need to make smarter decisions and improve student outcomes.

IRIS Financials is the market-leading financial management platform for UK schools. Designed to make your life easier, it helps schools of all sizes to navigate, understand and manage finances and budgets effortlessly.

As a completely flexible system, it can adapt as your school grows towards becoming part of a Multi-Academy Trust.


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  • Automated workflows Save your school valuable time by automating complex processes and reducing manual data entry.
  • Real-time information Make smarter decisions with an accurate and real-time view of your school’s financial position.
  • Unrivalled flexibility for school growth
    Future-proof your financial management with a flexible solution designed to grow as you do.
  • Cloud-based for security and ease of access As a 100% cloud-based FMS, all users can securely access the system remotely, and your school and data is protected from an increasing risk of cyber-attack.
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What are the benefits of IRIS Financials for schools?

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More accurate information

Up-to-date, easy-to-read financial information at your fingertips

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Access anywhere

Cloud-based and accessible real-time data, on any device

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Powerful reporting

Clear and intuitive reporting ensures that you can make informed decisions

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Unrivalled integration and support

Take advantage of our 20+ years of expertise in school financial management solutions

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Take the guesswork out of managing your organisation

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Unified system

Drill down into one cost centre, ledger, or function

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No need for multiple ledgers

Connect to multiple data sources at once, without moving data between ledgers

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Easy to use

A user-friendly interface turns complex data into clear, actionable reports

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Fully compatible with all DfE reporting standards, including the CFR return

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Ready to make smarter decisions for your school with IRIS Financials?

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Smarter Schools Guide

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