IRIS Invoice Matcher

Advanced machine learning software that automatically reads, matches and processes incoming invoices.

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Modern invoice processing

As invoices come in to your organisation, IRIS Invoice Matcher can read and understand every field thanks to advanced machine learning technology. It then pairs it with your financial records with a sector-leading match rate.

Because it's hosted in the cloud, it's quick and easy to get started without the need for upfront IT investment.

Comprehensive visibility

View the complete invoice matching process like never before. Drill down into the process with pre-built dashboards and monitor invoice activity for exceptions. Utilise this insight to optimise your invoice process.
  • Up to 71% faster than manual invoice processing
  • Up to 80% reduced invoice processing costs
  • Total process visibility with advanced analytics

IRIS Invoice Matcher Benefits

Improved cycle times
Faster rules-driven invoice processing for approvals and exception processing ensures optimal cycle times

Better supplier relationships
Reduce or eliminate late payments and any associated penalties, so you can leverage value-added opportunities

Reduced IT requirements
There’s no need to onboard new suppliers – the machine learning algorithm already recognises thousands of suppliers

Streamlined processes
Eliminate the costly downstream damage of human error and streamline the entire invoice matching process