Every HR by IRIS – school HR software

A complete Human Resources software that streamlines HR for schools and trusts, supports all employees to maximise performance and improves strategic decision-making.

  • Automate workflows to drive increased efficiencies
  • Establish a constant stream of accurate, up-to-date staff data via the self-service employee portal
  • Enhance staff absence management by tracking and monitoring attendance and leave with insightful trend graphs and centralised reports
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Simplify your working life with our school HR software

Gain 360° visibility across all areas of people management, school- and trust-wide through the central, user-friendly dashboard. Developed with practicality in mind, our HR software for schools is easy to implement and navigate, meaning you can quickly gain improved time efficiencies, refined HR workflows, and enhanced organisation within your school.

Instant access lets you tailor messaging and adapt activities per individual site. Effortlessly scale up or down depending on the school or MAT size for maximum efficiency.

Every HR software enables schools to continually fine-tune policies, procedures, and documents in line with changing legislation and statutory requirements, which can then be distributed to specific individuals or pre-populated groups.

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Every HR By IRIS: A complete HR management system for schools or trusts

What are the benefits of our school HR software?

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Track and manage staff development from one central place. Drive continuous professional improvement that benefits both the individual and organisation.

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Store all employee information in one, central place that also records and tracks the progress of all HR tasks. 

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Combine effective people management activities with a fully-managed payroll service for an all-encompassing HR and payroll system.

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Invest in a leading school HR software that is constantly refined and developed in line with user feedback to streamline all HR tasks and increase related savings.

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Analyse all aspects of Human Resources to give way for more strategic decision making when finetuning processes, budgets, and recruitment.


  • Employee Management Store all key employee information in one, central place to simplify employee management. Utilise automated alerts to review out-of-date data to ensure employee information is always complete and accurate.
  • Online Employee Portal Empower employees to take responsibility for their HR activities. Changes to information are recorded in a complete audit trail to keep risks minimal and increase the accuracy of administrative tasks.
  • Single Central Record Effectively populate this critical component of a successful Ofsted inspection, supported by automated data alerts to eliminate gaps in information.
  • School Workforce Census Simplify this exercise by importing real-time data from the employees’ portal. Receive notifications about incomplete information to ensure your submission to the DfE is correct!
  • Documents and Policies Manage and distribute all policies and procedures to specific users from a single place. View read/unread receipts and send automated reminders to staff to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Staff Absence Management With all absence information hosted in one place, non-attendance and leave trend graphs can be easily generated to enable better decision-making.
  • Case Management Consistently record and investigate cases in a fair manner, generating evidence of activities through reports.
  • Performance Maximise staff performance with this dedicated module. Staff can easily record and track their professional progress via the employee portal, helping to develop targeted objectives that meet both individual and organisational goals.
  • Training, CPD, and E-Learning Comprehensively track all staff training and CPD activities from one central place, with staff logging all hours in their self-service employee portal. Access our rich bank of e-learning activities from anywhere, at any time, and upload your own courses!
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