Lease Management Services

Unlocking the true potential of your lease portfolio

A better way to manage your leases

IRIS Innervision’s lease management services offer a complete solution for large organisations looking to better manage and stay in control of their lease portfolios. From identifying existing leases to negotiating new ones, our services provide everything you need to manage and report on your corporate leases — saving you time and money.

Improve strategic leasing decisions

Giving your business the tools needed to identify portfolio efficiencies and deliver cost savings, helping to align your leasing program with your corporate objectives.

Enhance productivity & control

Optimising and automating your leasing processes to, increase governance, accuracy and control over leases and reduce risks, leaving you free to focus on your core business goals.

Centralized lease data

View your entire lease portfolio in real-time and maintain compliance as your leases change. Ensure data accuracy and quality across your portfolio from one unified database.

Reduce costs & optimise spend

Consciously designed and flexible leasing services that help you deliver significant portfolio savings and improved efficiencies.

Our core portfolio services

Lease analysis

To improve your leasing arrangements, you need to understand what leases exist in your organisation. We’ll analyse what you lease, what you pay and under what terms, so you can ensure you’re using leasing effectively.

Lease analysis | IRIS Innervision Lease Management Services
Lease arrangement | IRIS Innervision Lease Management Services

Lease arrangement

See all your options in one place. Invite quotes from your preferred suppliers, compare terms fairly, check the total cost — and arrange leases in minutes, all online. We’re not brokers, so we exclusively act in your interests.

Lease management

Keeping track of corporate leases can be difficult, especially if records are spread across offices, countries, or continents. We’ll consolidate your lease details in one place, then provide you with easy online access.

Lease management | IRIS Innervision Lease Management Services
Lease expiry | IRIS Innervision Lease Management Services

Lease expiry

The end of a lease’s term is a good opportunity to re-evaluate, renegotiate, or simply walk away. We give you the time, information, and advice you need to make a good decision whenever a lease expires.

IFRS 16 Leases

On 13th January 2016 the IASB announced and published the new leasing standard IFRS 16 ‘Leases’. Discover what’s changed, if there are any implications, and how IRIS Innervision can help you.

Learn more

IFRS 16 Leases | IRIS Innervision Lease Management Services

Full lease life cycle management

IRIS Innervision provides a market leading range of Lease Life Cycle services.
From new lease arrangement to end of lease, we can help you unlock the true potential of your lease portfolio.

Why IRIS Innervision

We’ll save you time and money by transforming your leasing

We provide a unique combination of tools and expertise that change how you think about leasing and help you reach your objectives. By outsourcing the management and obligations of your lease portfolio to our team, we will deliver savings, reduce risk, and optimise efficiencies on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.

Portfolio savings and efficiencies

Achieve best value for every product, in every region, under the best terms – every time.

Flexible services

Expert leasing services tailored to you and your business.

Global solutions

Innovative leasing solutions, delivered by experts – relied upon globally.

Trusted partners

Working collaboratively with you to achieve your strategic leasing objectives.

Unrivalled expertise

Leasing specialists offering technical expertise across all aspects of corporate leasing.

Empowering global brands

Trusted by FTSE 100 and internationally listed companies.

Don’t just take our word for it

What our customers are saying.

“Today more than ever in business, I have an expectation that a service provider like IRIS Innervision will bring value-add to any organisation over and above the high standard of processing and reporting, particularly when it relates to leasing, which can be such a minefield for those not in that sector.  Innervision does all of this and more for us in Capgemini, which is why we value our relationship.”

Tony Deans, Capgemini

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