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Lease Arrangement

Get expert help to find, compare, negotiate and agree new leases that are right for your organisation. Our lease arrangement services are totally transparent and we act in your interests to help you achieve full compliance.


Take a look at how IRIS Innervision can help you when arranging leases.

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Tailor your leases

As every organisation is different, our experts will work with you to understand your requirements and then identify the leasing options and providers that best meet them.

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Negotiate best rates and terms

Our leasing experts will arrange and review your documentation to make sure leases are optimised to your business goals, compliant with accounting requirements and arranged at the best rates.

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Compare total costs

Headline lease rates don’t tell the full story. Our lease management software, makes it easy to compare total costs – including final payments and penalties – so you can make the best decision.

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Get unbiased advice

With a real-time market view and vast experience, our experts work hard to understand your requirements. We work with you to make sure you get the best deals to suit your business.

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Choose your lease provider

Enter your requirements once to get quotes from a range of lease providers. We have access to hundreds of suppliers as well as your favourites. With our expert knowledge, we’ll find the best deals.

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Achieve global consistency

Treating leases consistently and achieving compliance is vital for large and multinational organisations. We understand your requirements and design leases to meet your processes and structures.

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Track quotes online

We manage lease requests online via LOIS, our lease management software. This allows you to compare, track and confirm quotes, then approve leases without sending documents back and forth.

How lease arrangement works

If anyone in your organisation is looking to arrange a new lease, we can help.

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Let us know what you need. Either enter your requirements into our online software or call our experts. If you have specific conditions or preferred suppliers, we will include them in the new lease.

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We’ll request quotes from lease providers and show you the results. Compare total costs and terms online or ask us for advice.

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Our leasing experts use their market knowledge and experience to agree the best rates and terms for you. We’ll review, compare and negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get a competitive deal.

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Once you’ve agreed terms and rates, all you need to do is approve, sign and upload your new lease to our lease management software, LOIS. We’ll do the rest.

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