Workforce Management Solutions for Schools & Trusts

Workforce headaches?

  • High teaching staff absence
  • Recruiting and retaining happy staff
  • Supply agency costs
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your teaching staff
  • Understanding the impact of your CPD programme
  • Manual admin procedures
  • Payroll errors
school admin struggling with workforce management

Feel familiar? You’re not alone. Building and managing a school or trust workforce that allows your pupils to flourish can be tough. That’s why we have a range of solutions to help. We can support with all aspects of workforce management, from improving performance management and CPD, to smoother and safer recruitment, running hassle-free payroll and creating supply talent pools.

If quality student outcomes are at the heart of your school or trust’s vision, you must start with the biggest influencer – your workforce.

Workforce Management Solutions

All of our software and services below are tailored to suit schools and trusts just like yours. Find out more details by clicking view product or get in touch for expert advice on our workforce management solutions.

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Supporting Workforce Management in Schools and Trusts

Explore what IRIS Education’s workforce solutions can do for your school or trust.

A great working environment for staff means a great learning environment for students. Improve outcomes by streamlining processes, prioritising staff wellbeing and providing fantastic CPD.

Human Resources Management

  • Attract, retain and develop happy staff by offering a great performance management process and CPD programme where staff can learn at their own pace.
  • Reduce administration with HR software that allows staff to self-serve. Our system links directly to your MIS, making tasks like cover management a breeze.
  • Help ensure full staff quotas by predicting future needs, and streamline onboarding through our integrated solution.
  • Save time and effort by storing and sharing policies and procedures from a single system. Automated workflows and reminders ensure no deadline is missed.

Learn more about Every HR By IRIS.

Payroll & Pensions

Reduce payroll errors and the risk of staff dissatisfaction with our integrated system for schools and trusts. Outsource your school payroll and pensions to our experts in education pay structures and pensions.

Learn more about Dataplan By IRIS managed payroll and pensions services.

Safer recruitment

Improve safer recruitment practices with automated, unbiased social media reviews.

Learn more about Social Media Check

Improve outcomes for staff and students by streamlining HR processes across your trust. Develop talent and deploy staff flexibly, optimise recruitment and payroll, and reduce costs.

Human Resource Management

  • Deploy your best staff where they are most needed by understanding strengths and weakness across your trusts from consistent performance management processes and a helicopter overview.
  • Attract, retain and develop happy staff by providing great performance management and CPD. Build a clear development structure and identify career progression routes within the trust.
  • Help ensure full staff quotas by predicting future needs. Drive down costs by centralising recruitment and using a network of linked job boards. Streamline onboarding through our integrated solution.
  • Save time and ensure quality and compliance by storing trust-wide policies and procedures in a single system with automated workflows and reminders.

Learn more about Every HR By IRIS.

Payroll and pensions

Save time and reduce payroll errors and employee dissatisfaction through our fully integrated HR and payroll system built specifically for the education sector. Gain visibility across your trust to help you control staffing costs.

Learn more about Payroll and Pensions

Contingent workforce management

Cut supply costs by up to 25% by managing your own supply pool of temporary staff. Drive consistency of supply provision across your trust.

Learn more about Teacher Booker

Safer recruitment

Improve safer recruitment practices with automated, unbiased social media reviews.

Learn more about Social Media Check

Fully integrated HR and Payroll

We know the problem: your employee records are stored in one place, but your school employees are paid based though a separate payroll system or provider.

The result:

Time-consuming, duplicate data entry with high potential for errors and, when you get it wrong, disgruntled employees. That’s why our HR and payroll solutions are fully integrated and API-drive, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Here's how it works:

  1. HR system is the single source of truth

    Changes to employee details are made and approved within Every HR.

    e.g. Staff member goes on maternity leave and changes their bank account details.

  2. Payroll system takes HR changes

    Pay run opens and queued changes are pulled into payroll. Payroll run, payslips, BACS payment, FPS and pension reports generated. 

    Appropriate maternity pay, tax and pension contribution calculated. 

  3. HR system updated

    Payslip delivered to employee portal in Every HR.

    Staff member receives correct maternity pay into their new bank account.

What does integration mean to you?

  • Staff member

    • Update employee details in the employee portal and be confident that pay will be correct
    • View payslips and pension contributions in the HR employee portal, without having to contact HR
  • Payroll Manager

    • Process data entered by the HR team and employees without manually entering data
    • Save time and ensuring accuracy
    • Stay in control of payroll by locking down the payroll system once payroll cut-off has been reached and storing data for the next payroll run
  • School or trust leader

    • View employee, absence and performance data in IRIS Central
    • Combine this HR data with payroll costs
    • Determine effectiveness of staffing structure and discover ways to drive efficiencies