IRIS Bureau Management System

The unique IRIS Bureau Management Software puts you in control providing visibility into the status of work, control of deadlines and profitability of each payroll.

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Learn More About IRIS Bureau Management System

Learn more about IRIS Bureau Management System

IRIS Bureau Management System allows users to create and maintain workflows reflecting client requirements. Workflows can show processing frequency, size and complexity of each payroll and include:

• The ability to apply the right workflow to each of your clients from your own template library.
• Identification of key stages, the processes and the time required to process each aspect of the payroll.
• Advance visibility of client key dates to ensure effective future planning and account management.
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Why you’ll love IRIS Bureau Management System

At the touch of the button IRIS Bureau Management System will provide full details of what could, or should be billed to each client, saving time and more importantly providing full visibility of the profitability of each client.
  • User-defined price books including payroll related process such as number of payslips, starters/leavers and SMP processes in each run.
  • Capture and charge for re-runs.
  • Record fixed fee elements and with billing run.
  • Override standard pricing rules for selected clients.
  • Capture time for processing each payroll.
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Automatically identifies start and end dates

Allocates work against the relevant member of your team

Provides visibility of workload and approaching deadlines

Maximises productivity and efficiency of your team

Key Features

User-defined price books

IRIS Bureau Management System provides powerful yet flexible automatic billing, enabling you to allocate price books against each payroll that reflect the level and type of service that you offer each of your clients.

Maximise Productivity

Individual employee diaries and bureau-wide views provide visibility of workload and approaching deadlines, putting you fully in control and maximising the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Increased Efficiency

IRIS Bureau Management System automatically identifies start and end dates for each aspect of the payroll and allocates work against the relevant member of your team, not just for the current run but also into the future.

Seamless Integration

IRIS Bureau Management System is a core element of running a payroll bureau. With tight integration with IRIS Payroll Professional and myePayWindow, the bureau benefits from payroll at the desktop, efficient workflow management and client collaboration delivering an outstanding solution.


  • Can I use IRIS Bureau Management System with my existing payroll product?

    Currently IRIS Bureau Management System only integrates with IRIS Payroll Professional.

  • Is there an additional charge for IRIS Bureau Management System?

    No IRIS Bureau Management System is an integral part of IRIS Payroll Professional .