IRIS Expat Payroll Module

Managing expatriates payroll can be a real headache requiring additional work and manual processes. With the IRIS Expat Module, you can take these issues in your stride.

Expatriates already face many challenges, with IRIS Payroll Professional you can ensure payroll isn’t one of them.

IRIS Expat Payroll Module

IRIS Payroll Professional’s Expatriate module is purpose built for payroll bureaux, financial institutions and international organisations in the UK who need a comprehensive solution for processing the complex requirements of inbound expats and compliance with HMRC EP Appendix 5 and EP Appendix 6 arrangements.

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How IRIS Expat Module can help your business:

In the increasingly global economy, the chances of having expatriates on your payroll is ever more likely.

Processing expatriate payrolls, whether they be Modified, Shadow or just requiring the ability to off-set foreign tax, can be complex and challenging.

Rules and regulations can vary according to an individual’s contractual terms, country of residence or the nature of work. Make a mistake and employers or employees can be exposed to inaccurate liability of tax and/or NI.
  • Comprehensive Benefit in Kind pay elements: used as Hypo Tax elements to support Tax Equalisation.
  • Offset Foreign Tax option at employee level ensures correct handling of RTI submissions for Appendix 5 situations.
  • myePayWindow service allows individuals to access their payslips anywhere in the world 24/7.
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Multi-currency pay elements: pay employees in the currency of their choice, with full control over exchange rates and a history of conversion calculations.

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Comprehensive gross-up capabilities: select gross-up calculation on an employee-by-employee basis.

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Tax Exempt % rate maintained at employee level to allow for variable periods of residency.

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Employers NI exemption facility for employees with no UK office.


  • Can I use IRIS Expat Module with my existing payroll product?

    Currently IRIS Expat Module only integrates with IRIS Payroll Professional.

  • Is there an additional charge for IRIS Expat Module?

    Yes. The Expat module is an additional add-on you can add to your IRIS Payroll Professional system as needed.