IRIS Analytics

Make informed decisions with business intelligence software. We take the pain out of combining and analysing information from multiple sources. Interactive business intelligence dashboards help you to maximise the value of your resources.

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Powerful business intelligence software

Combine and analyse information to maximise efficiency. Transform your organisation's data into rich visuals and focus on what matters.

Drill down into your data to make informed business decisions with confidence.

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What IRIS Analytics can do for you:

IRIS Analytics integrates seamlessly with IRIS Financials and can pull in real-time data from third-party finance, HR, payroll and MIS systems.

The user-friendly interface allows you to interrogate and cross-reference this wealth of information to find the answers you need to make better decisions.
  • Calculate the true cost of expenditure and individual initiatives
  • Identify the impact of extending, shortening or changing organisational strategy
  • Assess the effectiveness of ongoing strategies
  • Compare costs and outcomes across your organisation

Valuable insights with business intelligence

Combine and analyse data from disparate sources

Show the relationship between financial and other performance-related data

Visualise complex data to generate insights

Gain valuable awareness of your organisation

IRIS Analytics features


Cloud-based and accessible on any device, IRIS Analytics transforms real-time data into revealing graphs, charts and visualisations.

Make informed decisions

Take the guesswork out of managing your organisation. Drill down into one location or business function, or view data across your organisation to make decisions with confidence.

Simple self-service

User-friendly formats enable easy access to complex reports and data with ease. Access complex reports and data in a simplified format.

Multiple data sources

Explore your data by connecting to multiple data sources at once.