How can good payroll bureau software change the game for accountants and payroll bureaus? 

Payroll bureau software enables accountants and payroll service providers to run payroll with greater efficiency. 

However, not all payroll bureau software is created equal. 

The best payroll bureau software enables you to: 

  • Cut down on admin so staff can focus on chargeable services 
  • Streamline otherwise clunky workflows, like having to chase clients 
  • Provide additional service features to clients, e.g. self-service portals 
  • Expand your payroll bureau services, creating new revenue streams 
Payroll bureau using cloud payroll bureau software

What is cloud-based payroll bureau software and are there advantages to using it? 

Cloud payroll bureau software – sometimes called online payroll bureau software – is web-based software that can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. It provides accountants and payroll bureaus with a valuable edge.

  • You can access cloud-based software from anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating flexible and hybrid working 
  • Software that’s hosted on the cloud provides everyone with a centralised data source that updates in real time 
  • Cloud software lets you offer customers features like self-service client portals (cutting down on client requests) 

Create your payroll bureau software wishlist   

Accountants and payroll bureaus shouldn’t have to settle for the bare minimum when it comes to their software. 

Browse some of the features below and create a payroll bureau software wishlist to suit your business needs. 

  • Comprehensive functionality with autopilot automation

    Whatever the scale and scope of your payroll bureau service, your payroll bureau software should be able to handle the technical aspects of processing payroll. 

    But why stop there? Look for software that offers intuitive automation features, so you can: 

    • Cut down on admin so your staff can focus more on billable work 
    • Ensure greater accuracy and save time on manual checks 
    • Streamline workflows so you’ve got the capacity to take on new payroll clients 
  • Suitable for complex or specialist payroll

    If you want to support clients with niche or complex payroll functions, will your software help you achieve this? 

    If one of your clients in the building and development sector needs to pay subcontractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) regime, you need to know your software is equipped to run that payroll. 

    Similarly, if your clients have staff in Wales, Scotland or outside the UK, your payroll bureau software should be able to cater to their needs without creating additional work for you and your team. 

  • Future-proof and easily scalable

    While it’s worth making sure your software supports your current service offering, be sure to check whether it can help you expand and grow. 

    As running payroll becomes easier, you may have scope to take on more clients. Will your payroll bureau software be able to scale up with you?  

    In this case, you might want to consider a cloud-based solution, which will allow you to adjust your service requirements as needed without switching to a whole new system. 

  • Accessible and collaborative for clients

    Your software should be simple to use and easy to navigate – but not just for the sake of your staff. 

    When you’re shopping for software, check how easy it is for clients to submit their payroll data and view or edit payroll records. Cloud-based payroll bureau software will often provide self-service portals, which allow clients online access from anywhere. 

    You can use your software to improve your client’s customer experience. Choose software that includes a client platform where they can view key information like payroll schedules or a full audit trail of changes made. 

  • Safe, secure and automatically compliant

    Payroll legislation is always changing and as payroll service providers, you need software that keeps you compliant without you having to lift a finger. 

    Look for payroll bureau software that’s recognised by HMRC and is RTI-compliant; providers like IRIS automatically update software whenever legislation changes. 

    To also make sure your sensitive client information stays completely safe, look for software with a strong focus on security.  

  • Scope to use your branding

    While most payroll bureau software allows you to template your client correspondence, some software also allows you to customise the platform and self-service portal with your company branding. 

    Being able to completely “white label” your software may not make a difference in terms of efficiency, but having your company’s logo, colours or other branding can help by: 

    • Making your payroll bureau service look more professional and enhancing brand loyalty 
    • Ensuring clients see the software and its positive features as an extension of your service 
    • Minimising confusion from clients who may otherwise believe you’ve handed their payroll off to a different company 
  • Flexible cloud-based system

    Flexible working is now the norm and it’s what many customers (and employees) are coming to expect.  

    Among the many benefits of online payroll bureau software is it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. That means: 

    • You can the progress of an important payroll from your home office 
    • Your staff can log in to check data on the train home from a client meeting 
    • Your clients can access their payroll info through the self-service portal at any time (without needing to go through you) 

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Featured Guide

Become a payroll powerhouse: a guide to payroll bureau software for accountants and bureau providers 

Whether you want to fine-tune your payroll bureau service or grow your client list, the right payroll bureau software makes it possible. 

To help you become a payroll powerhouse, we’ve created this free guide. Download it now to learn about: 

  • How payroll bureau software works 
  • How to identify whether your software needs changing 
  • Your payroll bureau software wishlist  
  • Choosing a software provider 
  • Payroll bureau software recommendations 

How easy is it to customise your payroll bureau software? 

If you’re an accountant or payroll provider looking for the ideal payroll bureau software, you’ll want a solution that integrates easily with your current system. 

Staffology Bureau provides the following features that let you make the software your own: 

  • Pre-built connectors integrate new software with other applications like HR, pensions and timesheets – ideal for those who support clients in more than one way  
  • If we don’t have pre-built connectors, Application Programming Interface (API) helps integrate your new software with products you already rely on  
  • Custom branding functionality lets you fully brand the interface with your own name, logo, colours and more, making it your own 
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