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Enhancing school financial management with next generation products and solutions.

Want to make your school smarter?

School finances are notoriously difficult for leadership and staff to deal with. We help make it easy.

Our suite of financial software for schools is designed to streamline and simplify things, removing unnecessary and time-consuming processes. We also give you access to more accurate data in real time so you can make better, more informed financial decisions for your school.

What’s in the suite?

IRIS Financials
Save time and reduce the risk of errors with more accurate financial reporting.
IRIS Analytics
Make better decisions faster, with our powerful business intelligence software.
IRIS Assets
Asset management and compliance made easy.
IRIS Financial Planner
Complex school and trust budgeting made simple, secure, dynamic and user-friendly.
PS Cloud
Ensure your files and applications are always available, from any location.

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IRIS Financials: step up your financial management

Save time and reduce the risk of errors in your school or trust with powerful automation tools, and accurate financial reporting.

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