Embrace flexiblity with absolute confidence

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Work from Anywhere

A cloud-based desktop solution for accountancy firms

With IRIS Anywhere, you can access every tool you need – from accounting software, to client files, to Microsoft programs – via a powerful cloud-based system.

Rely on world-class security controls to protect you, your customers, and your data. 

And discover a fully remote, flexible desktop solution that empowers your people with the freedom to succeed,
wherever they are. 

A total remote working solution

Unplug and improve with IRIS Anywhere

IRIS Anywhere is the complete package for accountancy firms who want to offer their people flexibility and freedom.

  • Work seamlessly by accessing your desktop from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Access tools like Microsoft Office suite and your preferred accounting software remotely
  • Connect with colleagues and clients while you’re on-the-go or working from home.
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IRIS Cloud365+

An endpoint management solution

Are you looking for a solution that can manage your Microsoft 365 environment? IRIS Cloud365+ is a powerful endpoint management solution for accounting firms and SMEs using SaaS applications.

IRIS Cloud365+ takes care of: 

  • Managing your user identities, licensing, back-up, and software patching
  • Protecting your business with next-generation security control measures
  • Access to online and desktop versions of Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Rely on 24/7 cloud-based access

    IRIS Anywhere is engineered to allow busy accounting firms to get work done from anywhere, at any time.

    Whether you’re in the office, working from home, or tackling your to-do list while you’re on the go, IRIS Anywhere’s secure cloud-based system allows you to access everything you need.

    Simply log-in via your laptop, phone, or other digital device to fire up essentials like:

    • Microsoft Office suite (e.g. Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
    • Accounting software, including IRIS, Sage, Xero, Digita etc.
    • Communication apps like Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing solutions
    • Filing systems and secure storage (e.g. OneDrive).
  • Elevate your productivity with continuity

    There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple.

    With IRIS Anywhere, your team can log-in and access the same system – from the programs they use to the way their screen is set up – from wherever they happen to be. By combining flexibility with familiarity, remote working becomes even more efficient.

    Plus, it’s not just your programs, files and settings that are unplugged. IRIS Anywhere’s cloud-based phone system allows you make and receive phone calls from anywhere, with consultative transfer, music-on-hold and cloud voicemail.

  • Stay safe with next-generation security controls

    IRIS Anywhere offers a fully secure virtual desktop solution, allowing you to work from anywhere with absolute confidence. Protect your clients and your business with measures like:

    • Comprehensive device and data encryption
    • Single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA)
    • Advanced anti-virus and anti-phishing controls
    • Remote wiping capabilities (if devices are lost or stolen)
    • Remote security risk monitoring by IRIS.
  • Collaborate and connect with colleagues

    If you’re planning to introduce flexible working or already working remotely, you may have concerns about how teamwork and collaboration might be affected.

    IRIS Anywhere is designed to keep you, your colleagues, and your customers fully connected while you work remotely. Using our accessible cloud-based system, you and your team can:

    • Access tools like Microsoft Teams from whatever internet-ready device you’re using
    • Schedule and host online meetings with internal and external users
    • Use corporate email and calendar functionality (50GB of storage per user as standard).
  • Tailor your package and control costs

    With IRIS Anywhere, facilitating flexible and secure remote working for your accounting firm costs less than you’d think.

    Choose a solution that suits the size and scope of your accountancy firm and pay monthly using a flexible and transparent costing model.

    And if you’re not interested in hosting applications on servers (or you’re happy with your current system), you can now opt for an end-point management solution. IRIS Cloud365+ utilises Microsoft Intune to ensure that your laptops, PCs and all devices are safe, secure and always up to date.


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Learn about cloud hosting and explore how different features and approaches can impact security, performance, scalability, and budget.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Learn more about IRIS Anywhere and how it can support your accountancy firm to work remotely.  

During busy periods, such as tax season or year-end, you’re likely to need all the support and power you can get to ensure you can work efficiently and effectively.

IRIS Anywhere is designed to adapt to your needs, giving you the ability to add temporary ‘power boosts’ when you’re busier than usual. For example, users receive an automatic increase in platform resources by 10% for one month a year.

With more teams embracing the benefits of flexible and remote working, accountancy firms need a secure, integrated, and high performing solution to maintain productivity.

That’s exactly what you get with IRIS Anywhere. Wherever you are and however you’re accessing your desktop, you log into a system that looks identical to what you use on your office PC.

As long as you’re using a suitable internet-ready device, you can access your desktop – this includes your files, systems settings, accounting software, tools (e.g. Microsoft Office), conference

Just because you and your teams aren’t in the same room together, doesn’t mean you can’t connect or collaborate as effectively.

The same goes for customers; with the right system in place, your customers should feel like you’re right there with them, providing solutions and resolving challenges side-by-side.

With IRIS Anywhere, you can use a range of powerful communication tools to connect with colleagues and clients wherever you’re logged in from, including:

  • Messaging, calling and hosting interactive video conferences via Microsoft Teams
  • Sharing and amending files in real-time with OneDrive
  • Remote, cloud-based telephone services (with consultative transfer, cloud voicemail, and more).

With so much sensitive information being shared across platforms and channels, it’s essential remote desktop solutions defend against cybersecurity threats.

With IRIS Anywhere, sophisticated cybersecurity is integral to the service. As a user, you benefit from a range of built-in security control measures, including:

  • Encrypted email and automatic detection of sensitive data
  • Identity management, with access controls and multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Remote wiping capabilities (if devices are lost or stolen)
  • Capacity to restrict who can forward, copy, and print sensitive information
  • Remote security risk monitoring by the IRIS Anywhere team.

The more devices, applications, and remote working locations at play, the higher the security risk. This is why IRIS Anywhere and IRIS Cloud365+ use enhanced, high-level security measure to keep you, your business, and your customers safe.

To offer greater protection against emerging cyber threats, we employ measures like:

  • Real-time anti-virus and malware protection
  • Advanced Threat Protection to ensure the safety of email attachments and web links
  • Anti-Phishing intelligence to detect unusual behaviour or potential threats.

Our team of IT and software experts are on-hand around-the-clock to help solve any technical issues.

Whether you require help logging into a service or need urgent assistance to restore a lost file, the IRIS Anywhere team is ready to help you. This includes defined priority levels with updates on resolution times, so you can stay in the loop and access suitable support according to urgency.

With IRIS Anywhere, you and your team never have to worry about updating your software or making sure the latest patches are applied.

The IRIS team takes care of any new patches that need to be applied, including all Microsoft Windows updates. We also ensure all updates are made out-of-hours, so there’s no unnecessary downtime or loss of productivity for your workforce.

As part of our endpoint management solution, IRIS Cloud365+, we also manage updates for Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which means you don’t need to rely on any third parties to keep your system safe and secure.

We take care of device procurement as part of our IRIS Anywhere complete service.

When you onboard a new employee or an employee needs a new device, all you need to do is to let us know. We ensure all necessary devices are delivered, already set up and configured, and ready to use from day 1.

We can procure a wide variety of devices, including laptops, PCs, phones, headsets and more – and it takes less than a week for devices to arrive.

If you’re making or have made the move from an on-premises model to software as a service (SaaS), you’ll still need to effectively manage your Microsoft 365 environment.

IRIS Cloud365+ is an endpoint management solution utilising Microsoft Intune to ensure your laptops and PCs are secure and kept up to date.

Designed for SMEs and accounting firms using SaaS applications, IRIS Cloud365+ takes care of critical functions and systems, including user identities, licensing, back-up and software patching.

As software management experts, we also provide 24/7 IT support and ensure your system is protected with next-generation security controls.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our team to explore how IRIS Anywhere could give your team the freedom to succeed.

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