Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants achieve a seamless transition to enhanced cybersecurity with IRIS Anywhere

The impact of cyberattacks on accountancy firms can be devastating. Beyond the legal and regulatory penalties and reputational damage, substantial financial losses can occur.

Accountancy firms possess a treasure trove of sensitive data that attracts unscrupulous individuals eager to exploit others. This data encompasses everything from personal names and addresses to confidential payroll information.

Moreover, the industry is marred with vulnerabilities that make it a prime target for cybercriminals.

The good news is that these issues can be effectively mitigated with the right software solutions.

A necessary migration to a safer environment

Following a cyberattack in 2018, Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants were keen to move to a hosted server platform to update and improve their security.

Practice Manager at Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants, Tessa West, tells us, We had some difficulties and time-consuming issues on our hosted platform which IRIS worked with us on, and when they told us about IRIS Anywhere, we were keen to move over. But we needed to ensure that we migrated at a time that was right for the business.”

IRIS Anywhere’s complete market-leading package gives you sophisticated cybersecurity, bolstered business continuity, effective remote working, and dependable hardware management – all customisable for your organisation.

Migrating between software can be daunting, which is why the team at Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants wanted to ensure the migration would be as smooth as possible. Tessa tells us, “Any software migration can be a stressful task, but the team at IRIS gave us such confidence that it would be a seamless move and it absolutely was. We are now robustly cybersafe, secure, and using the latest hosting technology.”

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The freedom to work from Anywhere

IRIS Anywhere empowers you and every member of your accounting practice to seamlessly work from any location, around the clock. Whether working in the office, from home, or even from another country, your business can maintain its uninterrupted and effective operation, allowing you to consistently deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Tessa says, “As a supporter of hybrid working, we have also recently invested in IRIS Business Voice which works in perfect harmony with IRIS Anywhere.  In this electronic era, fully supported communication methods are an essential business tool.  The versatility that IRIS Anywhere and Business Voice offer us and how they support collaborative working and communications both internally and with our clients is excellent and has significantly improved our efficiency and indeed our carbon footprint.”

“We are also investigating using more IRIS products as they have many other services we are keen to take advantage of. IRIS Accountancy Suite is the best in class and the prospect of having our IT needs looked after in a one-stop shop is perfect for us. We’ve been an IRIS customer for over 10 years now and as our business has grown, so too has the technology that IRIS provides.”

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IRIS Software Group to another business or provide an honest review of their services to prospective clients .”

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