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Protecting your school via safer, streamlined identity management. A school identity management system helps:

  • Record and monitor attendance through smart biometrics
  • Manage access – ID Manager, E-Registration and Door Access Control
  • Simplify and streamline meal management
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IRIS BioStore: a comprehensive biometric identity management solution

IRIS BioStore is designed to give you and your school or trust total peace of mind.

The system accurately records attendance via biometrics, smart cards, PINs or passwords. Employees can register their attendance quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly using a self-service fingerprint scanner or card reader. The system also provides appropriate user access permissions to the right people, meaning users can do their jobs and you can reduce compliance violations across your organisation.

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  • BioStore ID Manager A quick, easy way of identifying students via smart cards, fingerprint biometrics or PIN pads.
  • BioStore Access Control A sophisticated door access system which integrates with your existing systems.
  • BioStore e-registration A clever way of integrating the features of the BioStore system into a teacher’s registration process and write attendance information back to your MIS.
  • IRIS FasTrak Making school meal ordering and management faster, simpler, and more efficient for organisations, pupils and parents alike.
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What are the benefits of a school identity management system?

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Innovative biometric technology via a centralised system helps improve attendance monitoring, meaning you know who is in your school and when they entered

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Choose from a range of authentication options like smart cards, PINs and fingerprint scanners, and tailor a security and access system that’s right for your school

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Instantly monitor security permissions and get a real-time view of attendance to make more timely, more effective interventions to achieve better outcomes for pupils

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No hidden costs, and unlike older more unreliable legacy systems the annual support and remote maintenance fees are included within the license fee

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We offer flexible payment terms, so you save on the repeat cost of upgrading expensive systems, while savings made often cover the up-front cost of installation

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Integrates with ‘Visitor’, a third-party administration system, meaning you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry

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You can even automate your password management and permissions, meaning you don’t need to spend hours manually resetting forgotten passwords

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The system is entirely automated so staff and students can move freely around the school, accessing the places they are allowed, and being restricted from places they aren’t

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