Meet your complex payroll
requirements with IRIS Payrite

IRIS Payrite is a flexible and powerful enterprise-scale payroll solution designed
for businesses of all sizes, including large organisations, SMEs, and payroll bureaux

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Powerful and scalable payroll software that can handle large complex requirements

Payroll is an ever-changing business function that frequently faces updates to legislation alongside the introduction of new processes. IRIS Payrite offers easy-to-use software that’s scalable to your needs, ensuring you can meet demands while completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

Bringing over 40 years of payroll experience, IRIS Payrite provides a sophisticated system that’s used by over 40,000 employers across the UK. Whether you need batch functionality, comprehensive reporting, simple data exchanges or instant calculations, we have the right solution for you.

Streamline your payroll processes

  • Batch functionality helps you drive efficiency for both ‘no change’ and ‘change’ payroll processing.
  • Utilise comprehensive management reporting that features a full suite of standard reports alongside an intuitive built-in report writer.
  • Support any client/business pay frequencies including weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly.
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Self-service and client engagement

  • Benefit from the intuitive myIRIS employee self-service/client engagement web portal.
  • Customise your web portal to improve brand relevance.
  • Easily deliver key payroll documents such as payslips, P60s, P11ds, P45s.
  • Utilise the simple and easy-to-use app that’s available on both Apple and Android.

Meet specialist education requirements

  • The comprehensive education module features Pay Spines and multiple posts, including retrospective payments and occupational absence with cost split support.
  • Benefit from teachers MDC reporting and LGPS (Inc Scotland).
  • Use appendix 5 and 6 functionality for expat payroll.
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Key benefits for your organisation

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Easy to use software, enabling you to complete payroll processes quickly and efficiently.

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Utilise an array of pre-made reports or create your own using the built-in report writer.

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Scalable solution that can handle large complex payroll requirements.

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Provide a self-service web portal for engagement and information delivery.

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