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With an unprecedented 40 years of development IRIS Payrite can meet the needs to the most demanding customer no matter how left field. Our tried and tested implementation process with training also allows the user to be in control. It is the popular choice for SME payroll departments, public sector organisations, and large commercial/retail enterprises.

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IRIS Payrite

Our software is rich in features and functionality making it suitable for businesses, large and small. Our modular approach allows users to select the elements they need, whilst also having the ability to add on additional features as required. Our payroll specialists will work with you to determine the most appropriate system to allow you to gain a return on your investment straight away.

How can IRIS Payrite help me?

Payrite’s variable licensing allows it to be tailored to individual business requirements and the modular system means that payroll capability can be developed on demand. Intelligent automation and open architecture enables straightforward integration with other HR and Finance packages ensuring tasks can be completed swiftly, accurately and easily.
  • Four modules make up our IRIS Payrite; Payrite Core, Absence Management, Expenses and P11D, and BACSTEL-IP for payments with third party BACS software.
  • Multi-company and multi-payroll with unlimited employees
  • Tax and National Insurance calculated for all tax codes and NI tables
  • Supports Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, Maternity Pay and other occupational schemes and Salary Sacrifice Module
  • P11D Calculations and online submissions
  • Multiple Payslip Delivery Methods (Paper / E-Mail / Portal / Phone Application)
  • Full education functionality (Multi Post /Spines / Grades / Teachers Pensions (Including Returns and LGPS Pensions)
  • Interface capability to receive and send data from multiple HR, Time and attendance and finance packages

Benefits of using our payroll software:

Payrite’s flexibility and user-friendly software allows you to publish customised reports and interface with HR and Finance packages.

Access to real-time data via IRIS Payrite payroll software delivers precise headcount and salary details across the business.

IRIS Payrite is modular and cost-effective; this means it is ideal for businesses large or small.

Remove daily burdens by reducing your administration and improving your reporting.

Key Features


IRIS Payrite is a fully scalable solution that manages 10’s of payroll to over 30,000 payrolls.

Holiday Pay calculation

IRIS Payrite’s Holiday average calculation facility supports holiday entitlement calculations for full-time employee and pro-rated annual leave entitlements for part time employees.


IRIS Payrite comes with an inbuilt reporting tool which is not third party. Customers get a set of standard reports (70) but also the ability to right their own reports on any aspect of the data.

Absence Management

Manage employee absenteeism providing a fair and consistent process helping managers deal with absences and letting employees know how it will be measured.


  • How do I find support for this software?

    Our team of qualified and experienced Helpdesk analysts are here to assist you as part of your software maintenance. Our helpdesk hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 to 17.00pm. We will also provide access to our helpdesk bulletins and software release notes.

  • What size of business use IRIS Payrite?

    There is no real limit imposed on the size of the businesses we support, we have clients using Payrite from 200 to 2000 employees to tens of thousands of employees with no reported problems.

  • What industry areas is IRIS Payrite used in?

    Our software is used in a wide range of public and private industry sectors. IRIS Payrite has particular knowledge of implementing Payroll software solutions for organisations in the Retail, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing, Charity/ Not-for-Profit, local authority sectors and Education.

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