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IRIS: used by more UK accountancy firms than anyone else

  • 24000 firms use our solutions to succeed

  • 1 We’re the largest third-party filer with the UK Government

  • 425 of the TOP 500 firms partner with us

What 45 years of working with accountants looks like

IRIS Accountancy Suite is made with accountants in mind – so it handles much more than compliance. Choose from these modules and many others:

When you’re an accountancy firm, accuracy affects everything for your clients. If you get the figures wrong, businesses might not be able to apply for a loan, invest in new machinery, employ more staff, or get the right income support. 

You need the best tools and types of software to get things right first time, every time. Every task you do gets its own dedicated module that we constantly maintain so it does the best, most accurate job possible. 

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Don’t just take our word for it…

  • Handle any type of client

    Use IRIS Accountancy Suite to support any type of client, from sole traders to limited companies, groups, charities, academies, MATs and many more.

  • Prevent expensive mistakes

    Synchronise all your data across all modules. This means no more rekeying of data, which helps to reduce the likelihood of error and saves time. It also ensures out-of-date information isn’t lurking in the system.

  • Improve your bottom line

    Use the benefits of automation and a synchronised system to be more efficient in everyday tasks. By having an overview of important KPIs, you can be more proactive with clients and build advisory services.

  • Don’t slow down

    Our solution can scale to handle more users and additional clients, even during busy times. Our automated workflows get you to the next stage of the job, ensuring no step in the process is missed – and you have a clear overview of all deadlines at all times.

  • Avoid lengthy updates

    Look forward to issue-free updates: our solution is improved and updated by our teams in the background thanks to its architecture. And when an update goes live, you’ll barely notice.

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Learn how our flexible, powerful, database-driven
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, IRIS Accountancy Suite caters to accounting firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners to large firms with multiple partners and staff members. 

Yes, IRIS Accountancy Suite offers integration capabilities with various third-party applications such as 3rd party bookkeeping software, document management tools, HMRC, Companies House and many more. 

IRIS Accountancy Suite is available both as a cloud-based solution and as hosted solution via IRIS Anywhere, providing flexibility to choose the access options that best suit your firm’s needs.

Yes, IRIS provides comprehensive training resources, including tutorials, webinars, and documentation. Additionally, dedicated customer support is available.

Yes, IRIS Accountancy Suite allows you to customise reports, templates, and documents to meet your firm’s specific requirements.

Yes, IRIS offers data migration services to help you seamlessly transition from your current accounting software provider to our platform.

Our IRIS solutions are fully compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD) requirements – now and in the future. If you have compliance modules from IRIS, we will give you access to IRIS Elements Cashbook, our solution for the simple Sole Traders to help you comply with Making Tax Digital for Income Tax, free of charge. 

Yes, IRIS Accountancy Suite includes Time & Fees features to help you efficiently manage work in progress, billing and credit control.