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IRIS Time & Fees is a powerful tool for monitoring work in progress, ensuring all time and expenses are recorded and charged for and efficiently collecting fees.

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With IRIS Time and Fees partners, managers and staff can record time, monitor work in progress, raise bills, send statements, and control debtors. It ensures clients are promptly and accurately invoiced for the work done. Once the invoices are ready, use IRIS Payments to collect payments promptly.

What IRIS Time and Fees can do for you:

Ensuring that all work has been charged for and appropriate fees have been collected can be a tough challenge, but it’s one that IRIS Time and Fees has been designed to meet. You need an accounting system that will help ensure all the work is invoiced correctly and one that will manage all billing processes, including staff time recording, work in progress monitoring, billing the client, and practice budgeting. Partners are looking for a system that will manage all aspects of billing, and one that offers an effective way to record staff time.

IRIS Time and Fees is an effective solution to manage all billing processes, allowing you to generate every necessary document, including invoices, statements and payment reminders. You can manage staff timesheets and record work in progress that can be used to bill the clients and calculate recoverability. Monitor staff performance and chargeable/non-chargeable time, reduce errors and ensure clients are invoiced correctly.

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IRIS Time and Fees provides instant solutions for:

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Automatically generated reports that provide an accurate, up-to-date picture of practice performance and insight into practice activity

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Monitor budget versus work in progress and drive efficiencies through powerful analysis of staff performance and chargeable versus non-chargeable time

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Improve cash flow with credit control facilities and save time invoicing with on-screen billing and authorisation.

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Easily create and edit fee documents using Microsoft Word

Key Features

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Efficient management

Manages all aspects of billing and ensures clients are promptly and accurately invoiced for the work done. Increases users’ productivity when performing day-to-day billing activities. You can also effectively manage cash flow and set and monitor budgets.

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Performance insight

Tackles the problem firms often have with a lack of visibility into staff performance and chargeable versus non-chargeable time. Provides an effective way to record staff time and gives you the ability to monitor accumulated work in progress and outstanding fees.

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Fully integrated

As part of the IRIS Accountancy suite, it is fully integrated with Practice Management software, improving user productivity and ensuring a seamless process of capturing chargeable time for each job, controlling WIP and billing clients.

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Accurate up-to-date picture through automatically generated reports.


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