IRIS Financials for Schools

Simplifying your school’s financial management. With IRIS Financials you’ll benefit from intelligent reporting, automated workflows, unrivalled flexibility, and a comprehensive audit trail.

  • Get the data you need to make smarter financial decisions
  • Accurate real-time view of your school’s financial data
  • Consolidate multiple ledgers onto a single sheet

IRIS Financials: a streamlined school financial management platform

Schools need to make the best use of their funding and show that funding is making a difference. IRIS Financials gives you the data you need to make smarter decisions.

IRIS Financials is the financial management platform schools trust to allow them to navigate, understand, and manage their finances. Built on a unified ledger structure, all of your financial data is automatically consolidated into a single view.

Eliminate tedious reconciliation tasks, break out as many separate sub-ledgers as you need, and view your financial position in real time. And because it shows an accurate, real-time view of your position, the unified ledger is the ideal backbone to the rest of the IRIS Financials administrative suite, pushing and pulling data between different suite products with ease.

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  • Intelligent reporting capabilities All enquiries and reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, emailed, or even sent to Excel with our financial reporting software. Enjoy full drill-down with no modular boundaries and user-defined fields.
  • Automated workflows Configure workflows to automate complex processes. Tasks that used to bottleneck your staff’s time are now performed automatically.
  • Unrivalled flexibility Choose modules and solutions for every need. IRIS Financials boasts a range of optional modules that can be added to the core system to enhance functionality.
  • Audit trail Set up complex automations and configure rules to automate financial decisions and actions. All actions are logged in a comprehensive audit trail, and staff are still free to process ad-hoc actions when needed.

What are the benefits of IRIS Financials for schools and MATs?


Up-to-date, easy to read financial information anytime, anywhere


Cloud-based and accessible real-time information, on any device


Clear and intuitive reporting ensures that you can make informed decisions


Compile and analyse data from multiple sources or ledgers into one single view


Take the guesswork out of managing your organisation


Drill down into one cost centre, ledger, or function, or view data across your entire organisation


Connect to multiple data sources at once, without moving data between ledgers


The user-friendly interface turns complex data into easy to read and produce reports


Fully compatible with all DfE reporting standards, including the new Chart of Accounts

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Want to make smarter financial decisions for your school with IRIS Financials?

Smarter Schools Guide

Smarter Schools Guide

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