IRIS Cloud-Based Managed Services

With our Managed Payroll solution, our payroll experts and software take care of your payroll so you can save time, free up resources and ensure staff are paid accurately every time with a scalable payroll solution that suits your business.

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Let IRIS take care of your payroll

Payroll is a crucial part of every business but it can be a challenging and ever-changing responsibility, with frequent updates to legislation and processes, so it’s no surprise that many people find it a little overwhelming.

If you’re looking for complete peace of mind, an outsourced payroll solution might be the right option for you and your business. You can rest assured that your payroll is taken care of every month, securely and accurately. All you need to do is enter and submit your data to us and we’ll take over with the calculations, ensure you’re compliant and meet your reporting needs.

Our modern cloud-based payroll solution delivers a new online place to easily update employee records, upload statutory documentation and pass instructions to our payroll experts.

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Complete visibility
of the payroll process

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Absolute transparency of every change made via an audit trail

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Collaborate with dedicated payroll specialists

Next Generation of Cloud-based Managed Payroll

IRIS FMP is your trusted partner in managed payroll solutions, underpinned by the
very best in people and technology

How we simplify payroll

Simple to use next generation payroll solution with extensive features and powerful APIs ​

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Connected Technology

Simple to use cloud-based payroll with extensive features and powerful APIs that help you to do payroll better and give a modern, digital connected experience

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Specialised ​

Dedicated support from certified payroll & HR professionals, ​
that provide in-depth knowledge ​from years of experience and ​

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Work Better ​

Giving you full transparency and through collaboration with our experts, we will accurately pay your employees on time, ​
every time ​

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Quality of ​

Formally recognised and accredited ​by key industry bodies – our people and processes ensure your data is accurate, safe and secure to the highest of standards​

Specialised Expertise

Every Managed Payroll customer will receive dedicated support from certified payroll & HR professionals, that provide in-depth knowledge from years of experience and training.

No matter where you are in your journey, from implementation to day-to-day operations, we will ensure you receive the very highest standard of customer service and will guide you through every step of the payroll process.

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Your payroll team is made up of CIPP qualified, experienced payroll professionals who are continuously trained to the latest legislation

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Your dedicated payroll specialist is on-hand to support you through the payroll process and answer any queries

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They are easily contactable directly via telephone, email or via the cloud-based Payroll Portal

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