IRIS ParentMail

Bridging the gap between school and home.

  • Powerful cloud-based communication and payment options
  • Automate time-consuming paper-based processes
  • Improve engagement through flexible communication

IRIS ParentMail: a flexible, all-in-one parent engagement system

Your relationship with your students’ parents makes a huge difference in how well the children in your care flourish. Make sure you keep them properly engaged.

IRIS ParentMail is a powerful engagement system that bridges the gap between school and home to create better outcomes for pupils. Offering a range of cloud-based features, it integrates seamlessly with your MIS and provides a range of options for parent/teacher communication.

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If you are a parent using ParentMail and you need to change your settings, please contact your school for assistance.


  • Parents Evening Manager An innovative, easy-to-use booking system to manage, administrate and streamline parents evening.
  • Online Form Collection Stop sending unreliable letters home in a bag by setting up questions for parents online.
  • IRIS PlusPay Make life easier for schools, parents, and pupils through a simple, flexible approach to online payments.

What are the benefits of IRIS ParentMail?


Manage your communications with parents more easily, and with higher engagement


Contact parents easily through the free mobile phone app


Message individual parents, or groups of parents, with a few simple clicks


Automatically send reminders of upcoming fees and allow parents to pay online via the app


Easily keep up to date with parent and student changes of information


Free up your administrative staff by automating formerly paper-based tasks

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Want to make your school smarter with IRIS ParentMail?

If you are a parent using ParentMail and you need to change your settings, please contact your school for assistance.

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Smarter Schools Guide

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