Your organisation needs to recruit, support and retain the best of the best. That’s always challenging, but it feels impossible during a global skills shortage. 

The solution? Deliver the ultimate hire-to-retire journey for your staff. 

At IRIS, our mission is to help you create the perfect software and services blueprint to make this happen. 




You have to hunt down the best in the industry, but it’s only a matter of time before potential recruits are intercepted by the opposition. IRIS negates this risk with smart recruitment software and services. 

Payroll is a finely tuned, time-sensitive operation. Get it right, and you have happy staff; get it wrong, and you face a toxic situation – and a rendezvous with HMRC. Our software and managed service options can decipher any payroll and ensure that every month is a runaway success. 

You need to connect to your staff and, in doing so, gather and support true business intelligence. It’s key to keeping operations on track during fast-changing times. IRIS enables you to put employees first and give them the tools to self-serve while they’re out in the field. 

Your business must map out a future for your staff; if you don’t, you face the prospect of defection. IRIS can equip you with the people and products to solve this problem. With our help, you can provide ways for staff to progress, feel valued and add to their essential set of skills. 

Your staff are an asset – but if they become disillusioned, they risk going rogue. Counter this by establishing a trusted, open and collaborative team. IRIS provides feedback and experience solutions that ensure your staff feel understood, so they won’t be lured to an industry rival. 

Whether staff retire or move jobs, you have to have an extraction plan ready. With IRIS, you can ensure they seamlessly step away from the action by having documents such as P45s and final payslips at hand – and by gathering crucial intelligence using exit questionnaires and more. 

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