Faster, simpler surveys for getting powerful employee insights

Getting useful insights about your employees can be a long, expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We know most organisations don’t have time and money to waste. That’s why we make it faster and easier to get answers – just using our high-quality employee feedback platform.

From inclusion to hybrid working, you can get feedback on key topics quickly.

Pick the relevant survey, get instant insights, and learn what steps to take next.

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Choose from 20+ key survey topics

With out-of-the-box templates on topics that matter – from wellbeing, to engagement – you’ll never have to write your own questions. Ours are based on years of research, and designed to get the insights you really need.

  • Question sets about every aspect of employee experience, so it’s fast and easy to face your latest challenge
  • Each survey is the perfect length for high response rates, and designed to deliver high-quality insights
  • Open-text questions are designed to add context to your overall survey scores, with minimum effort


Step1 1 | Qlearsite
Step1 1 1 | Qlearsite

Get powerful insights, instantly

Quickly get the detailed breakdowns, language tech, and insights that other tools don’t offer – tailored to the needs of any team leader.
No time-consuming analysis needed!

  • Overall scores, top language themes from the open-text answers, question-by-question analysis
  • Break down the results by departments or demographics, to understand the different factors affecting your team
  • You can share the results instantly with anyone in your organisation, empowering your team leads and managers


Understand your next steps

It can be hard to find where to focus. That’s why you get automated signposting, helping you identify the hidden stories in your results. You’ll understand exactly how to learn even more.

  • Key language themes are identified, showing you if there’s a common thread you need to pull on
  • Points of interest are easily identified, and easy to highlight for other leaders in your organisation
  • See suggestions for your next survey topic, based on your results and generated automatically


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