Our smarter school engagement suite

Better connecting schools and trusts with parents, teachers, and pupils alike. Engagement Suite from IRIS facilitates communication, payments and safeguarding within education.

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Communication in an education setting is critical, so we’re making it easier than ever to engage.

The right message delivered in the right way at the right time can make all the difference to a pupil’s outcome. Our suite of school communication products is designed to cut through the noise, giving you simpler, speedier methods of communicating with parents, staff, and pupils alike.

What’s in the suite?

IRIS ParentMail
A flexible, all-in-one parent engagement system bridging the gap between school and home.
Online Form Collection
Stop sending unreliable letters home in a bag by setting up questions for parents online.
IRIS Reach
Make communication with parents easier, less expensive, faster and more effective.
IRIS PlusPay
Make life easier for schools, parents and pupils through a simple, flexible approach to online school payments.
IRIS Looked After Call
An innovative centralised management system for virtual schools to safeguard looked after and vulnerable children.
IRIS Absence Call
Automate first-point-of-contact via phone, text or email in case of unexpected absences.

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IRIS ParentMail

Your relationship with your students’ parents makes a huge difference in how well the children in your care flourish. Make sure you keep them properly engaged.

Smarter Schools Guide

Smarter Schools Guide

IRIS Education helps to connect people with data, creating intelligent insights that help educators make better decisions and deliver smarter outcomes for pupils.

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Discover IRIS ParentMail

IRIS ParentMail is a powerful engagement system that bridges the gap between school and home to create better outcomes for pupils.

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