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4 webinars
16 Apr
Income & Planning Future Revenue Streams
10:00 - 11:00 GMT
60 minutes

Join us to explore the theory of school budgeting! Together, we’ll look at how budgeting software can be used to make calculations for funding allocations and to consider funding streams. The entire process is easy, making it simple to input and maintain these values, so it’s well worth joining us for this session.

The agenda includes:

  • GAG statements, with replication through a funding predictor
  • How to use an income calculator
  • Additional levels of analysis
  • Tools to accurately calculate SEN funding
20 Apr
Accounting for Staff Costs
10:00 - 11:00 GMT
60 minutes

Staff costs account for 75% of academy expenditure, so it’s important to get them right in your budget. We’ll show you how to accurately budget these figures and how to use software to create individual contracts and staffing screnarios, so you can plan for multiple contingencies.

  • Scale points and pay awards/tables
  • Cater for customised pay structures
  • Employee allowances
  • Inflation forecasts and superannuation uplift
  • Create and maintain staff contracts and vacancies
22 Apr
IRIS Accountancy Suite Spring 2021 Release Webinar: Helping you to work smarter, not harder
11:00 - 12:00 GMT
60 minutes

Join the IRIS Product Management team to discover all the exciting, new features we have coming up in version 21.1 and how this latest release will help you meet the demands created by recent legislative changes.
A few key areas the webinar will cover include:

  • All your latest legislative requirements
  • CT600L forms for R&D claims
  • The new SmartTax feature in IRIS Personal Tax
  • Updating timesheets on-the-go
  • Revising financial statements
23 Apr
Prioritising Expenditure
16:34 - 17:34 GMT
60 minutes

In this session, we’ll discuss the theories of prioritising and allocating non-staffing expenditure managing, profiling, and managing project costs using budgeting software.

  • Capital projects
  • Profiling
  • RPI and other inflation assumptions
  • Utility and commercial contracts, including notes for renewal dates