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01 Feb
Smiles all round - making your people feel better connected, engaged, and rewarded.
13:00 - 14:00 GMT
60 minutes

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The tables have turned, and the world of work has changed forever. Business leaders are no longer calling the shots – it’s the people.


If you do not fulfil the needs of your employees and look for ways to make them smile, they will leave for the competition. One company’s great resignation is another’s great recruitment.


Join our webinar on Tuesday 1st February at 1pm with Mervyn Dinnen, HR Analyst, Researcher and Writer, Stephanie Kelly, Chief People Officer and Sara Lewis, Head of Communications at IRIS Software Group.


With a focus on making your employees smile, here are some of the topics our panellists will be exploring:


– The top HR trends to look out for in 2022
– The challenges for a small business when it comes to its people
– How to be creative with recruitment to stay in the talent game
– How to make hybrid working work for everyone


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24 Feb
Time for Smarter Parental Engagement.
15:30 - 16:30 GMT
60 minutes

With face-to-face communication between parents and teachers now a rarity, it’s time to think bigger when it comes to parental engagement. Forward-thinking schools are looking at ways they can help teachers and leaders communicate with parents in a more accessible, efficient, and convenient way in order to forge stronger relationships with one another. And most importantly, improve pupil wellbeing and outcomes.

Join our “Time for smarter parental engagement” webinar on 24th  February, 3:30pm  with  Tim Cropper-Williams, Product Director, IRIS Education to discuss:

  • The importance of parents having critical and day-to-day updates at their fingertips
  • Improving accessibility for all with inclusive translation features
  • The power of real-time data to allow early intervention from parents
  • How a simple, streamlined system can improve engagement efficiencies
  • Improving communication with online engagement tools, IRIS ParentMail and IRIS Reach


Tim Cropper-Williams, Product Director, IRIS Education

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