A different approach to organisational assets

IRIS Assets is the complete asset management and compliance software package. At organisational level, it provides true visibility of all your assets and acts as a powerful tool for control, analysis and forward planning. 

Featuring a fully integrated mobile app, IRIS Assets is specifically designed to be simple for your users: just tag the asset with a sticker, scan it and log it.

What IRIS Assets can do for you

We can set up the system to meet your organisation’s unique needs – not the other way around. Our experts know how to meet the demands of asset management in your sector and will work with you to develop a process that works for your organisation. 
  • Meet statutory obligations throughout your organisation 
  • Sync asset data in real time across all locations 
  • Upload intangible assets such as documents and contracts
  • Ensure regular maintenance is carried out 
  • Enjoy flexible drill-down reporting 
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IRIS Assets benefits

Centralised compliance tracking
Ensure you meet your statutory obligations across your entire organisation by setting up automated facilities team and maintenance reminders. 

Real-time data consolidation
Your data syncs instantly across your organisation; no matter how many locations you operate from, all your users will access the same accurate, up-to-date values. 

Advanced asset monitoring
Track asset depreciation over time, set up automated compliance alerts and empower users to self-serve with our advanced Action Helpdesk ticketing system. 

Empower your staff
Users can self-serve with easy-to-access guides. When issues need to be escalated, tickets include a full audit trail and asset history.

Key features

Advanced reporting

Choose from a range of out-of-the-box standard reports that cover a wide range of use cases or build your own flexible reports that cover your organisation’s unique needs.

It’s easy to monitor the quality of your data, track asset movement, analyse lifecycle events or to drill down into any asset information that you need.

Document uploads

Access key documents quickly and easily. Any document can be paired with an asset; the possibilities are endless.

Add pictures and videos as guides or for a host of other uses, including insurance claims, identification, condition monitoring and loans.

Email alerts

Never miss an important date or action again. Set up automated email alerts and ensure key stakeholders are kept in the loop.  

Maintenance dates can trigger email alerts for the appropriate facilities team, helping you to ensure statutory compliance. 

Effortless setup

We want your asset management strategy to succeed. That’s why we offer support through your initial setup.

Once you’re up and running, you can access ongoing support, training and guidance from our dedicated helpdesk and support team. We’re here to help you build an asset management process that works best for your organisation.