School Management Systems

Our goal is to improve administration and management within schools and trusts with simple, streamlined, and flexible systems. Let our school management systems help you take control of day-to-day tasks.

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We help keep things simple with school management systems

Schools and trusts are complex organisations with many working parts. As school leaders and administrators you have a huge task making sure everything is working smoothly, which is why our school management solutions are designed to give you the tools you need. From removing formerly manual processes to giving staff and teachers their time back, school management software helps to keep things simple.

Inside the suite

IRIS Ed:gen
A next-generation school management information system (MIS) accessible anytime, anywhere and gives you real-time data at your fingertips.
IRIS Payroll
Simplify and automate complex payroll requirements with specially designed school payroll management software.
IRIS BioStore
A comprehensive biometric identity management solution to give your school total peace of mind.
IRIS FasTrak
Streamlined school meal management software for primary and secondary schools.
Every HR
Simplify your working life with our HR software for schools.
IRIS Parents Evening Manager
An innovative, easy-to-use system to manage, administrate, and streamline parents evening.
Every Compliance
Manage all compliance requirements and areas from one central place.
Remove the burden of processing payroll and pensions by outsourcing to our fully managed payroll and pension management service for schools, academies and MATs.

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IRIS Ed:gen: next-generation school MIS technology

Easy to use, easier to transition to, this next-generation school management information system (MIS) makes things simple, giving teachers their time back, and helping schools and trusts achieve better outcomes for their pupils.

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Smarter Schools Guide

Smarter Schools Guide

IRIS Education helps to connect people with data, creating intelligent insights that help educators make better decisions and deliver smarter outcomes for pupils.

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Discover IRIS Central

Our School Management dashboard for trusts, IRIS Central gives leaders access to trends and insights at trust, school, or pupil level.

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MIS not future-fit? Switch to IRIS Ed:gen

IRIS Ed:gen has everything you expect and already have in your MIS… plus so much more. Watch our 20-minute demo here.