Lease Management Services

Lease Consolidation and Management

Save time and money by consolidating information about all your corporate leases in one place, to make sure you’re managing leases effectively.


Take a look at how IRIS Innervision can help you with the consolidate and manage leases.

Organise your leases

We’ll consolidate all your lease details and documentation in one place. This includes dates, prices, contracts and more — so you can instantly access any lease information you need.

Make the most of what you have

With access to a complete view of your lease portfolio, it is easier to review, analyse and maximise leasing activities in line with your business goals.

Save money and work faster

We deliver a unique combination of powerful software and leasing expertise that maximises the efficiency of your lease portfolio. Identify opportunities to cut costs and renegotiate lease terms.

Access data globally

Comprehensive information about your leases is stored in our cloud-based Lease Management Software. You can sign in to use it from anywhere in the world.

Stay compliant easily

Once we’ve identified and consolidated your leases, it’s easy to extract the financial details for inclusion in company accounts and reports. This helps you meet compliance requirements. Learn more >

View key lease reports

Our lease management software incorporates intuitive reporting capabilities and data visualisation tools, giving you a comprehensive view of your entire lease portfolio using real-time data.

How lease management works

Our lease management services help you organise and understand all the leases in your organisation.


We input details of all your leases into our centralised leasing information software.


With all leases in the software, you will have easy access to an overview of your leases — plus tailored, detailed reports.


We’ll identify ways to streamline and improve your leasing processes through focused management and professional expertise.

Don’t just take our word for it

What our customers are saying.

“Today more than ever in business, I have an expectation that a service provider like IRIS Innervision will bring value-add to any organisation over and above the high standard of processing and reporting, particularly when it relates to leasing, which can be such a minefield for those not in that sector.  Innervision does all of this and more for us in Capgemini, which is why we value our relationship.”

Tony Deans, Capgemini

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