Cutting edge recruitment software from networx to maximise your recruitment success

networx ensures that organisations not only have access to the best available software but a dedicated team of recruitment specialists to help maximise the success of your recruitment.

IRIS Cascade HR software and the networx Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are fully integrated to allow recruitment to become a seamless process for both users and candidates alike.

Attract top talent across your entire organisation

Centralise your recruitment activity with a dedicated careers page that links seamlessly with your corporate website and provides potential new hires with direct access to your current opportunities in real time. Feature rich advert templates incorporating videos and images help to further encourage applications and deliver the best possible first impression of your organisation.

  • Maximise the performance of your candidate attraction strategy
  • Generate more applications with engaging advert templates
  • Deliver a consistent and professional image of your organisation every time

Manage candidates effortlessly throughout your recruitment process

The networx ATS can be configured to support every stage of your recruitment journey and deliver significant time and cost savings when managing candidate applications.

With tailored scoring and selection tools together with the ability to create unlimited email and SMS templates you can identify top talent quickly and engage with every applicant to optimise recruitment success.

  • Streamline your recruitment processes to do more with your day
  • Optimise efficiency at each stage of your recruitment cycle
  • Give hiring managers greater control over their own recruitment activity

Provide a consistent and professional welcome for every new hire

Deliver a personalised welcome to every new employee and ensure that they are fully prepared for their first day with a dedicated onboarding portal that helps you obtain vital information whilst sharing key insights about your company and culture.

As a secure portal, new hires can gain instant access to personal information such as contracts and offer letters, sign documents electronically and provide new starter information to transfer into your HR system.

  • Speed up the process of onboarding your new hires
  • Ensure a consistent approach is adopted by all
  • Make new hires feel part of the team even before their first day

On Demand Webinar: Improve the Candidate Experience Amid the Great Resignation

As recruitment specialists, networx provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of clients nationwide. Whilst the networx lite solution has been specifically developed for low volume recruiters, the networx core technology can be configured to reflect even the most advanced recruitment processes, providing organisations with the option to add modules as they require.

As an organisation you can take the networx core solution and create your own unique ATS.

Feature list

networx lite

networx core

  • Complete control of the process.

    Streamline your recruitment processes to optimise efficiency throughout every stage.

  • Deliver the best possible candidate journey.

    Provide a quick and simple means of application and ensure a premium experience for all candidates.

  • Keep track of your recruitment costs.

    Understand the most effective and efficient means of recruitment with real time reports.

  • Advertise vacancies on your website.

    Create a centralised hub for all your vacancies with a mobile friendly careers page that seamlessly integrates with your corporate website.

  • Post jobs internally and externally

    Post vacancies directly to your own careers page, your intranet job boards and the networx network and provide a unique application process for both existing employees and new candidates.

  • Efficient candidate communications.

    Unlimited email / SMS templates allow you to maintain regular communication and provide instant updates to candidates throughout the process.

  • Mobile friendly careers page, adverts and application forms.

    The entire application process is fully responsive to ensure that all candidates have a positive experience regardless of whether they apply using a desktop, tablet or smart phone.

  • Flexible vacancy management workflows.

    Create multiple workflows to support the recruitment needs of certain roles or departments. A single default workflow is available with networx lite.

  • Optional Modules & Advanced Functionality.

    Enrich the functionality of the core networx ATS with an extensive suite of modules to choose from that support your changing needs. Some modules are available with networx lite.

  • Comprehensive reporting suite.

    Gain access to the information you need, when you need it with real time dashboards and a suite of in-built reports.

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