The Regenda Group

The Regenda Group regenerates places and works with people in those communities to create the opportunities they need to thrive.  At the heart of the organisation, they offer affordable housing, but as a dynamic group of organisations they deliver a lot more for the communities they serve. The Regenda Group operates across the housing and construction sector, in care and support, and in training and employment. 

Every organisation in the Group wants to do the right thing for the people and places and communities they support.


Before integrating with networx, The Regenda Group had a very manual recruitment process which utilised complex spreadsheets and workarounds. This heavily administrative exercise impacted the overall recruitment process, making it difficult to collaborate cross functionally with hiring managers and creating unnecessary frustration and time delays for the execution of their recruitment campaigns.


Through working with IRIS Cascade as their HR system provider, The Regenda Group was introduced to networx to provide a greater level of functionality for the management of recruitment within the organisation. With a direct integration between IRIS Cascade and networx, having systems that automatically sync and talk to one another was a clear driver for the change and enabled The Regenda Group to reduce the administrative burden from the team, through a slick, integrated process.

The partnership with networx not only provided The Regenda Group with improved functionality, but a flexible platform that is bespoke to the needs of the organisation. This enables the team to engage with and manage candidates in real-time, with in-built flags for conflict of interest and DBS checks, and seamless integration with existing processes such as the employee referral scheme. This ensures The Regenda Group can manage all recruitment campaigns in a smooth and streamlined manner.

Working with a dedicated account manager and in-house training and support team has given all relevant parties across the group the confidence to recruit utilising the networx applicant tracking system. The supportive training provided for the team enables The Regenda Group to share training guides and material, for continuous employee training and support. With the networx support team, any further complex queries are acknowledged in 24 hours and their hands-on account manager takes ownership of finding suitable resolutions.

Client Comment

We have had a very positive experience working with networx. The Regenda Group has the full support of the networx team and all parties are genuinely interested in sharing our jobs, promoting our success and enabling us with the tools to manage and onboard new candidates. Everything that we were promised the system would offer, it does and more. networx remain true to their word.

The flexibility and functionality of the system has been beneficial for The Regenda Group as we operate across such a diverse range of sectors with differing stakeholder needs and expectations. With regular releases, the latest developments to the candidate-facing interface has given us further ability to flexibly display our employer brand proposition and strengthen our candidate attraction and experience.

The greatest compliment we can give is that there has not been one complaint from managers or one query that has not been resolved in the three years we have been in partnership. The support ticket process is one of the best we have seen, mirroring how we manage our own support process. All responses are personal and timely, ensuring not a single query goes without a solution.

The Regenda Group would highly recommend working with networx, especially those looking to maximise their integration with IRIS Cascade HR software.

Sean Rothwell, People Services Manager

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