The only way is Upp thanks to partnership with Staffology Payroll 

In the dynamic landscape of business growth, selecting the right payroll software becomes a pivotal decision that can shape the trajectory of success. With the right solution, payroll can be compliant, error-free, and smooth to process.  

With the business growing from 6 people to 100 people in the first year, the team at Upp identified the critical importance of finding the perfect payroll provider to support the next phase of growth. They needed a system that could navigate the challenges of scalability and agility with seamless business operations management during periods of accelerated growth. 

Can your software keep Upp? 

Upp needed a payroll system that was cloud-based, agile and fit for purpose – and when the previous provider could no longer cope, Staffology Payroll became the obvious choice. Now with 180 colleagues, Upp has been delighted with the move. 

Peter Cannan, Special Projects – Finance, says, “Our previous payroll system worked well when we were a very small team, but as we grew it became slow and the process itself was time-consuming. We had to notify our provider each month and it took five days to get a report back; if we spotted an error, we had to manually process those with our payroll provider, making it a time-consuming process. It was clear that as we grew, this was no longer a viable option. 

“There were some key basics to our selection: the solution needed to be cloud-based, easy to use and sit within our budgets. Selecting Staffology Payroll met all our requirements and more, in fact, we were surprised at the number of features included against the cost which outstripped our previous supplier. 

“We were delighted to receive a system that was intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective. One of the biggest benefits for us was that we could get on and use it and didn’t have to wait several days for someone at the other end to process anything.” 

Choose progress over stagnation with a system that works for you 

Peter looked at other payroll providers to ensure they were selecting the right system for their fast-growing team. After reviewing several vendors he found many capped the number of users at 100, so Staffology Payroll became an even better choice.  

He continues, “Switching from our previous system to Staffology was simple, and we used the training guides to support if needed. From there we were able to just get on and begin using it as if it had always been in place. 

“The system is easy to use, saves time and fewer errors are made. We use it to pay people monthly and also have overtime, shift allowances, car allowances, changing pay elements and commission for salespeople to organise. These variables can cause an enormous amount of work if the payroll solution is not fit for purpose. Using Staffology has eliminated much stress in the team and allowed them to focus on other important activity for Upp.” 

Payroll management that exceeds expectations 

Staffology’s payroll software is accurate, secure, compliant and keeps up to date with changing legislation. Customers benefit from a more cost-effective, efficient payroll solution designed to take care of admin so they can focus on their business. 

Peter concludes, “Of all the software we’ve used in the last two years, I would say Staffology payroll has exceeded all our expectations. The team at IRIS is investing in the product and enhancements have been added in the time we’ve been using it. I think it’s fantastic value for money and a payroll system I would highly recommend.”  

Is Staffology Payroll right for your business?

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