Fully flexible management software from performance to development and training – supplying a complete, bespoke solution

Peformax from Braxton is an integrated HR Admin, Performance Management and Skills Gap Analysis solution. Enable your managers, professionals and staff to have the tools for sustainable development and performance.

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Tailor your solution

Activate modules to support your business objectives and company culture.

  • Empower management through customised tools
  • Select complimentary modules to address your company’s unique needs
  • Choose reporting to enable easy interpretation of results
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Seamless HR integration

Access all tools in one secure, integrated area.

  • Streamline workflow through single sign on to provide access to all solutions
  • Easy interpretation of data to provide accurate and real-time insights
  • Cloud-based software empowers staff to access full functionality from anywhere in the world
  • Staff have easy access to tools for management as well as organisational resources
  • Individuals are equipped to do personal development plans and self-analysis through supplied media

Staff Motivation & Resilience

Save employees’ time and improve engagement.

  • Staff have easy access to tools for management as well as organizational resources
  • Individuals are equipped to do PDP’s, SWOT and self-improvement through supplied media
  • Specialized company curriculum may be uploaded as compulsory or optional training or populated with generic media

On Demand Webinar: Employee Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World

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