An all-in-one Diversity, Equity & Inclusion platform that measurably improves DEI and business performance for SMEs and Midsize companies.

DEI has become an urgent business problem, but most companies struggle to know where to start. Fair HQ is your trusted DEI advisor wrapped in a beautiful and user-friendly product. Constantly collecting 1,000 relevant data points about your DEI maturity, helping you choose relevant goals and suggest and implement interventions that remove bias and create culture of inclusion.

Get your DEI Audited

Light touch product for smaller SMEs till 50 employees

  • AUDIT: Essential audit of your DEI maturity against scientific standard
  • BENCHMARK: Understand how you compare to peers in your Industry & location
  • REPORT: Produce DEI company report and show improvements over time.
  • IMPACT: Implement essential recommendations rooted in science
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Data-driven automated reporting

Core Fair HQ product for companies from 50+ employees

  • Holistic DEI audit of the maturity of your company processes, policies and behaviours.
  • GDPR compliant DEI employee surveys with over 87% completion rate – collecting employee demographic data and sentiment of Inclusion and Equity
  • 50+ key HRIS integrations compliantly syncing data Fair HQ and your existing HR tools.
  • Access 60+ DEI metrics and reports identifying key risks and opportunities from over 1,000s data points.
  • Easy DEI compliance – Gender Pay Gap, ESG, BCorp, supplier diversity etc.

Science-led DEI goals & strategy

Core Fair HQ product for companies from 50+ employees

  • Goal setting exercise to help you choose ambitious and appropriate goals for you company
  • Personalised DEI strategy tailored to your company maturity and size
  • Science-backed interventions delivering systemic and behavioural change into day-to-day practice.
  • Step-by-step guides & templates making it easy to implement change within minutes and hours not months.
  • Timely behavioural nudges embedding inclusive behaviours and delivering micro-learning about key DEI topics.
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