Achieve greater integration between mission-critical software

The new IRIS HR API enables businesses to achieve greater integration between their mission-critical software applications, providing benefits such as increased accuracy, cost savings, added security and resource efficiencies.

Optimise your ways of working with APIs

IRIS HR API eliminates the need for manually importing/exporting common data between systems, which can often result in errors, inefficiency and duplication.

The dedicated APIs allow you and 3rd party software vendors to integrate solutions with the wider IRIS product portfolio, enabling the applications to share data in both directions – inbound and outbound.

Unlocking the future with APIs

Our vision for APIs is to deliver and extend over a period of time to span the full IRIS HR solution suite, enabling IRIS, partners and customers alike to more easily and independently create business-critical integration.

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Develop your business infrastructure

You can develop your business using HR software and APIs at the heart of your infrastructure, improving integration with both existing and new mission-critical solutions.

Improve development without increasing expenditure

IRIS HR APIs will prove especially valuable to businesses that may not wish to invest in development capabilities or have the budget required to build and maintain large-scale activity, offering an opportunity for increased growth with minimal expenditure.

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Automate integration

With APIs, you can achieve automated integration between your software solutions where relevant.

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Minimise human intervention

Reduce resource-intensive activities where manual intervention was previously required, improving accuracy and integrity.

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Easily add value

Software houses/vendors can add extra value with the IRIS HR API, easily becoming a part of an IRIS partner software ecosystem.

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Utilise an ever-evolving portfolio

With APIs, you can achieve automated integration between your software solutions where relevant.