IRIS HR API Frequently Asked Questions

The new IRIS HR API enables customers to achieve greater integration between their mission critical software applications, providing the benefit of accuracy, cost savings, security and resource efficiencies. The new API eliminates the need for manually importing / exporting common data between customers’ systems, which can result in errors, inefficiency, and duplication.

Dedicated APIs allow customers and 3rd party software vendors to integrate their solutions with the wider IRIS product portfolio. The API allows the product to share data in both directions – inbound to, and outbound from IRIS HR solutions.

Our vision for APIs

To deliver, and extend over a period of time, APIs spanning the full IRIS HR solution suite. These allow IRIS, partners and customers alike to more easily and independently create business-critical integrations between their IRIS software, and 3rd party or internal solutions.

Here we have tried to address the most common questions raised by customers

What does the new HR API deliver?

The new IRIS HR API enables customers to achieve greater integration of their IRIS HR offering into their existing technology landscape, aiding the flow of data across mission critical software applications. 

It will also allow IRIS to offer connectors with partner technology that complement our HR products to provide additional value to customers.

What are the benefits of the new HR API?

The new HR API eliminates the need for manually importing / exporting common data between customers’ systems, which can result in errors, inefficiency, and duplication. 

Overall this achieves the benefits of accuracy, security, cost savings and resource efficiencies. 

What products use the new HR API

The IRIS HR API is an integration layer across both Cascade HR (and IRIS HR Professional). It is delivered via the Google Apigee framework. It will work with any application or middleware which can consume an API. 

We will also work with technology partners to provide productised integrations (connectors) to extend the overall HR offering. 

Is there a cost for the new HR API?

No there is no additional charge for the new API, it is available to customers of Cascade HR (and IRIS HR Professional). 

Optional connectivity to partner products will be priced accordingly. 

As a customer how do I access the new HR API?

Please contact us via your account manager and we will grant access to your IT department.

As an external software developer or partner how do I gain access to the API?

We are happy to work with partners and software developers. 

As an existing IRIS Cascade HR (or IRIS HR Professional) customer what changes will I see?

As an existing IRIS HR customer it will be possible to further develop your business with IRIS HR solutions at the heart of your infrastructure. 

The HR API allows improved integration with their existing mission critical solutions, as well as the opportunity to select new solutions that come with pre-built connectors. This will prove especially valuable to businesses, who may not wish to invest in the development capabilities or budget to build and maintain this kind of activity. 

What is the scope of the HR API?

In its first iteration the API covers basic Employee data. This will be extended to cover other areas.