Why Trickle?

Trickle helps you build a better workplace and do better business. Lots of organisations know that employee engagement and wellbeing is important. But some find it hard to pin down what these terms even mean – let alone address the factors that drive them.

Trickle gives you the platform to transform your company’s culture, improve communication and increase productivity that drives business performance.

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Create an exceptional employee experience

Trickle is an employee engagement, recognition and wellbeing platform designed to help you keep your people connected, engaged and happy at work.

  • Understand what’s important to your people, how they’re feeling and what support they need
  • Provide a psychologically safe and inclusive environment for your employees to share their voices and be heard
  • Encourage collaboration, information sharing and recognition to improve the way you work together


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Drive improvement and innovation from within

Empower your people to drive the change they want to see with conversations that flow naturally from the ground up. Trickle makes it easy to identify improvements so you can drive meaningful change with powerful results

  • Trickle’s top-ranked issues, suggestions and improvements allow you to focus your efforts on the areas that matter
  • Monitor and track the satisfaction, happiness, stress and wellbeing of your teams and organisation as a whole
  • Easily interpret sophisticated user insights so you can make more strategic decisions for the health of your people and your business

Health and wellbeing support that works

Provide your people with a safe space to reach out for support or access helpful resources. This can be on a work or personal matter that’s impacting their health or wellbeing and they can remain anonymous if they wish.

  • Give your people a safe and confidential space to easily raise issues of concern relating to their health, wellbeing or safety
  • Empower your employees to make positive changes for better days with Trickles daily wellbeing log
  • Use anonymously collected data to identify areas for improvement by team, department or organisation-wide
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