Supercharge your employee’s financial wellbeing, with earnings on-demand.

Hastee is the pioneering earnings on-demand employee benefit that gives employees full autonomy over their finances. Whether it’s for that unexpected bill before payday, those just released gig performance tickets or simply to avoid high-cost credit and overdraft fees, Hastee gives employees the freedom to choose when they get paid.

Hastee also provides access to savings, rewards & cashbacks, financial education, and management tools to help employees better understand and manage their money.

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Become a Destination Employer

  • Attract, and retain your workforce
  • Make your workforce more productive
  • Reduce the financial stress of your workforce
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Employees receive Impartial Financial Education

  • Empowering them to make positive decisions
  • To improve their financial health
  • To feel more confident in money management skills

Hastee’s earning on demand is easy to implement and integrates seamlessly alongside your current processes

  • No financial risk
  • No extra admin
  • No impact on your cash flow
  • We are fully integrated. It’s a simple “plug and play” for clients
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