Is your accounting software failing to meet your needs?

Take your business finances to the next level with our scalable cloud accounting software.

If your business has outgrown entry-level accounting software, it’s time to upgrade to a solution that can grow with you. AccountsIQ provides mid-sized companies with scalable cloud accounting that streamlines processes, unlocks insights, and powers data-driven decision making.

Why AccountsIQ?

Trusted by over 6,000 entities worldwide, AccountsIQ goes beyond basic accounting to provide the platform growing businesses need. Say goodbye to manual workflows and spreadsheet crunching. With AccountsIQ, you can scale easily, act decisively, and grow quickly.

Take a product tour to experience AccountsIQ’s next-level accounting capabilities for yourself.

  • Automation that transforms finance
  • Real-time analytics delivering actionable business intelligence
  • Effortless multi-entity management and consolidation
  • Rapid implementation gets you up and running in 6 weeks or less
  • Intuitive interface your team will adopt quickly
  • Seamless integrations extend capabilities
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Find out how AccountsIQ is helping organisations like yours achieve their goals, improve their businesses and create inspired, digital workplaces.

ifx logo | IFX

“The year before last we experienced 110% growth. We could not have done that without AccountsIQ. If we were still on Sage 50, we would have collapsed or at the very least we would have needed a much bigger finance team. “

Steve Allen, Financial Director, IFX

thermatic llogo | Thermatic Technical

“We were using Sage 50, but it was too slow for our high volumes and took an age to run reports. When I looked at Xero, I knew we’d have a similar issue within a year “

Natalie Hopkins, Finance Director, Thermatic Technical

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