Improve employee and applicant engagement by providing self-service and recruitment in a user’s preferred language.

Have as many languages as you need and enable a user to switch between them. LinguaSkin enables this with no changes needed to your HR or recruitment sites.

Language packs provided and maintained. You can change text and terminology at any time to ensure a perfect translation.

LinguaSkin: rapid implementation, cloud and on-premise options, multilingual capabilities added quickly and easily.

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Improve Engagement

  • HR Self-Service, Recruitment and Application processes in as many languages as you need
  • Improved ease of use, engagement, comprehension, and adoption for employees
  • Job adverts stand out better and attract more candidates. Applicants use their preferred language, making the process easier for them
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Single system, multiple languages

Multiple languages doesn’t mean things are more complex. A single site, admin operations and data in one language, but users interact in their chosen language.

  • You continue to work with the system in its main language (English – but we can provide it in others)
  • Users select their preferred language and can switch at any time
  • Operational processes are unaffected

Multilingual capabilities – quick, easy and affordable

Implementing LinguaSkin is easy, there are no changes to your site. We do all the setup and translation. With no up-front cost, its also more affordable than you’d think.

  • Quick and easy set up – no changes to your existing system. Hassle free!
  • High quality translations – language packs provided and maintained, including all your specific text and customisations
  • A simple annual license – no up-front cost and no long-term commitment
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