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GFB have been designing and running 360 degree feedback surveys for over 20 years, helping thousands of people to benefit from the insights they receive. Hosted on a secure online platform, GFB’s wide range of 360 degree feedback surveys are suitable for large organisations and small businesses alike. They are easy to complete and can be adapted to be in your organisation’s brand.

Choose from GFB’s standard surveys or talk to them about custom design. GFB will help you to decide what to ask and the best to way to collect and collate the results.

Bespoke 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

A bespoke survey is likely to reap the greatest benefits. When you use a survey that’s tailored to your business language and goals, you and your people will gain the most rewards. That’s because it’s designed in your brand, using your colours, fonts and logo to increase employee connection and engagement. Creating an effective 360 degree feedback survey needs three key elements:

  • A robust competency framework
  • A set of clear and insightful questions
  • A simple and efficient survey system.

GFB’s experienced consultants can validate your competency framework or existing questionnaire. They can also help you to put your survey online using their secure technology platform. They can provide the whole suite or just one element if you prefer.

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GFB’s 360 Degree Feedback Survey Suite

GFB use the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competency Framework to build their feedback surveys, because it has been extensively validated across a wide range of industries and job levels.

This framework is also excellent at helping to differentiate between high performers and average performers, which means the feedback survey results make it easier to identify talent and manage individual performance more effectively.

GFB’s 360 degree feedback surveys are ideal for a one-off or annual development initiative, or as part of a wider development programme. They are all delivered online and you can either manage them in-house using our survey administration platform or we can manage the project for you.
Each survey has been designed for a different job level, industry or requirement and the suite includes:

  • 360 degree feedback surveys for leaders, managers or individuals
  • 180 degree feedback surveys
  • 360 degree feedback surveys for the education sector, legal sector or sales sector

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Need help delivering the feedback? Talk to GFB about their one-day training courses or direct coached feedback sessions.

  • GFB can provide:
  • Consultancy support
  • Online 360 degree feedback surveys
  • Branding and customisation if required
  • Safe & secure technology platform
  • Project support
  • Multiple language options
  • Online results and reporting
  • Support and direct coaching feedback
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