Build a digital model of your teams’ skills in days, not months.

Skills Base helps to unleash your team’s potential by making talent decisions more transparent, collaborative, and equitable through real-time and accurate skill insights.

  • Identify

    Your people’s skills, gaps, strengths, and interests, and leverage this data for better workforce decisions.

  • Measure

    Using a common rating schema, and intuitive assessment process that builds a culture of confidence and trust in the underlying skills data.

  • Act

    On skill insights across your organization in a real-time, tactical, and strategic way to support organizational and team goals.

Context-rich data, built through the lens of skills

Skills Base allows you to create a skills framework with granular relationships between different data entities. This enables you to better report and act based on critical business objectives.

Screenshot of Skillsbase software 1
Screenshot of Skillbase software

A proven and intuitive assessment process to build confidence in data

Skills Base leverages its proven structured-subjective approach to measurement which encompasses 7 core mechanisms to deliver actionable skills data.

Skill insights ready to act on in real-time

Analyse your data and unlock powerful reports to acquire, develop, allocate, optimize, plan, retain, and reward your workforce.

Screenshot of Skillsbase software

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