IRIS Cloud Telephony

As technology evolves more and more businesses are now making use of the latest development in telephone systems. A hosted telephony system from IRIS offers the same levels of service as a traditional system but with much lower cost, and greatly enhanced features.


IRIS Cloud Telephony enables you to use your office phone system anywhere with an internet connection and lowering your costs. For forward thinking accountancy practices already doing much of their work in the cloud, it provides another natural step towards a fully flexible online system.

What IRIS Cloud Telephony can do for you

IRIS Cloud Telephony is ideal for practices seeking to modernise their infrastructure, enhance their customer service and reduce their telephony costs.

Practice with multiple sites can create a ‘single’ site where calls between sites are all treated as internal reducing costs.

Greater flexibility allowing staff to ring in from another phone (like a mobile) to make outgoing calls as part of the office system further reducing costs.
  • Call Management records ALL inbound, outbound and unanswered calls that are searchable online.
  • Keep tabs on current telephony spend by accessing up to date call data.
  • Set Intelligent Call Alerts to notify you if thresholds are breached such as call costs.
  • Create call queues with optional queue positions Inbound Wallboard for Call Handling statistics


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Flexible Call handling including multi-site/home workers

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Create your own conference facility on your platform

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Flexible Call Recording Options with no need to purchase additional hardware

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Use your mobile phone as part of your system Integrate a ‘Call me’ button on your web site Receive Text via your handset

Key Features

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Reduced cost of ownership

By using a hosted telephony solution you are able to embrace the flexibility voice over internet protocol (VOIP) offers without being tied into expensive equipment purchases. Our hosted telephony pricing does not come with a costly maintenance contract, and initial equipment costs are often lower than £100 per person, including handsets.

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Because the system is flexible and agile new functions and users can be added rapidly to adapt to the needs of the business. Being a cloud-based system means all essential system upgrades are carried out in our data centres, with little or no disruption at your premises.

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Our hosted telephony solution allows you to flex your business communications as your business needs change. Users are no longer tied to the office and multi-site locations/ home workers are able to operate as part of your main system. Existing telephony numbers can be kept on the system and new ones added quickly when required, regardless of geographic location.

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Business Advantage

Using Hosted Telephony will enhance the way your business operates. Hosted telephony allows for complete control, with the ability to make changes to your telephone system through a web-based portal within minutes. Tasks such as setting up hunt groups, voicemail or diverting numbers can be accomplished within a matter of seconds. Features such as Call Recording and Auto Attendant can also be added to the system and require no additional hardware.

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