IRIS Elements Practice Management

Intuitive practice management with integrated email and text messaging, customisable workflows and easy to configure CRM, all available through the IRIS Elements platform. With ONE contact list you’ll increase productivity without duplicating effort.

Powerful practice management software for accountants with an easy-to-configure CRM, customisable workflows and automated reminders – for you and your clients!

All this for £29 per user, per month.

Use IRIS Elements Practice Management to exceed your clients’ expectations, pre-empt their requirements, and reinforce your reputation.

Intuitive CRM

Everything you need to manage your customer relationships via email and SMS.

Customisable workflows

Manage the work in your practice the way it suits you.

Intuitive CRM

  • Automate emails to request information, approvals, and signoffs, so you don’t miss a deadline.
  • Create bulk email updates and send to segmented client list.
  • View your client information and communications in one place.
  • See your clients’ real-time financial data directly from their client record.

Manage your workflows & tasks

  • Set up one-off or repeat jobs for VAT, accounts, and other services.
  • Assign tasks to the right people and easily customise to your practice needs by adding or changing services, jobs and tasks.
  • A single practice view, filterable by date, job, client, and more.
  • Notifications and alerts can be triggered from your customised task lists to remind you of upcoming deadlines and overdue tasks.

Secure document management

  • SSL certificates with the latest cipher configurations ensure that your practice and client data is protected in transit.
  • One secure place for your clients’ confidential or sensitive documents.
  • Collaborative working from multiple locations is straightforward and secure – enabling you and your team to work remotely.


IRIS Elements Practice Management is available at £29 per user, per month and there’s a 20% reduction for annual payments and discounts for additional users.

And that’s it. No hidden extras, storage limits, or per-module charges.

It’s a simple flat fee – with free access for your clients and automatic updates.

Number of users Monthly PAYG
(per user)
12 month contract
(per user)
1 £29.00 £23.20
2-4 £27.00 £21.60
5-9 £25.00 £20.00
10-19 £23.00 £18.40
20-49 £21.00 £16.80
50-99 £19.00 £15.20
100-199 £17.00 £13.60
200-499 £15.00 £12.00
500 £13.00 £10.40


How easy is it to implement in my practice?

It’s easy! After completing a few essential set-up and integration steps, you’ll be ready to go on day one. There’s a clear step-by-step guide to get you started and we’re always available to answer any questions. Read more about onboarding

Can I see what it looks like before I buy?

Take a look at our video here or sign up for a free obligation trial here

Can I customise IRIS Elements Practice Management to suit my practice?

Absolutely. You can customise forms, jobs, services and admin functions to suit how you like to work.

Can I email and text my customers directly?

Yes – you can send one-off ad hoc reminders or automate them as part of a task within a job. The text messages come from a no-response number and there are no additional charges for text messages.

Is IRIS Elements Practice Management a secure place to store my customer information?

We take data extremely securely. SSL certificates, with the latest cipher configurations, ensure that your data, and your clients’ data, is protected in transit.

Does IRIS Elements Practice Management integrate with IRIS Accountancy Suite?

There’s a two-way data synchronisation between all products on the IRIS Elements platform and IRIS Accountancy Suite. This means that any changes you make to your client data will be carried through to both systems.

IRIS Elements Practice Management

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