IRIS Elements Proposal Manager

A simple cloud solution to support your practices’ growth and success. Standardise your proposals, build pricing models, personalise your branding and leverage our templates all within the intuitve and user-friendly IRIS Elements cloud platform using ONE client list.

IRIS Elements Proposal Manager helps you in your bid to attract your prospects, keeping them engaged along the way and making it easy for them to accept your proposal. With templates and clearly defined ways to show your pricing and services it will take away any confusion both for you and your practice. 

Flexible configuration

Build pricing models based on fixed prices, annual revenue, number ranges or variations with support for multiple VAT rate and billing intervals.

Create, configure & manage proposals

Build proposals that outline your service offering, with clearly defined outputs and pricing.

Send proposals and receive acceptances

Proposals are sent via email to the recipient. There is a link in the email to accept it. Users are notified of this by email and the status is changed within IPM.

Define services

Cleary define the services your practice can provide and how they are delivered.

Set expectations

Explain what you will, and more importantly, what you won’t do for your clients. On the client-side, set out what you expect from your clients in return – information they will provide, when they will provide it etc

Support pricing discussions

By being able to fully document what the practice will provide the client, it’s easier to demonstrate the value provided which aids the pricing conversation.


Create proposals on a pay as you go basis at just £8 per proposal.

Take a 30 day free trial and process 3 proposals free of charge.

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Where do all my prospect contact details get stored?

On the same client list that would manage your existing clients but defined as prospects. One client list means there is a consistent approach across the IRIS Element platform to managing your client information. As there is only one client list, this avoids duplication.

I’m not sure I need any software; I manage okay today.

No problem, but should you wish to grow and find yourself in demand, IRIS Elements Proposal Manager does the heavy lifting for you with templates to follow, easy email notifications.

What if I don’t like it?

Take a trial and find out, with 3 free proposals you have nothing to lose and with further enhancements coming later in the year there is more to look out for. Do you really want to just get by?

IRIS Elements Proposal Manager

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